Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ever since my day trip to JB and having tried the decadent peanut butter toast there, I’ve been trying various local cha chan tengs (Hong Kong-style cafes) to see if the peanut butter toast is as good…Which is how I ended up having lunch here when I was at Parkway Parade one weekend.

Here’s the Peanut Butter Toast $3.50++ -

Hardly any peanut butter on it at all! Sigh… but the bread itself was nice enough – I love thick pillow-soft toast surrounded in a not-too-tough crust. But it could have done with much much more peanut butter – like the one I had in JB…

I love mushrooms, in particular enoki mushrooms (also known as golden mushrooms) so I was exceedingly pleased when the Beef Mushroom Noodle Soup $6.50++ came with a bunch of enoki mushrooms –

Enoki mushrooms and beef go really well – another of my favourite dishes is enoki mushrooms wrapped with beef (which I last had at Mushroom Pot). This was a bit tasteless – not much flavour in the soup but that’s expected of most Hong Kong-style soup noodles... still, the presence of enoki mushrooms made me a happy camper :)

Also had the HK Polo Bun $2.50++ -

I used to love the Polo-Char Siew Bun from the Crystal Jade Bakery… hmm, come to think of it I haven’t had it in quite a while. Anyway, I digress… “Polo Buns” is so-called as “polo” is the Cantonese word for pineapple and the surface of the bun (kinda?) looks like that of pineapple. But really it’s just sugar, butter, egg, milk and flour.

Didn’t manage to satisfy my peanut butter craving – still on the hunt for good peanut butter toast…

Central Restaurant
Basement of Parkway Parade and Ngee Ann City

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