Sunday, August 23, 2009

Singapore Cricket Club - Chicken Rice

We came here for a colleague's farewell lunch - the chicken rice is the lunch special at the Veranday on Thursdays and it's really popular.

It was actually pretty good, very similar to the Chatterbox version. The chicken was tender, the rice flavourful and the chilli was yums. My colleagues are real chilli freaks - we asked for extra portions to share. The set lunch also came with a scoop of ice cream, which makes me feel like such a little kid eating it, but it was a real treat :)

We were the biggest group there but the restaurant really was packed. Guess there is good reason for this place being this popular... unfortunately, you can only go there with members... know any? :)

Singapore Cricket Club
Connaught Drive Singapore 179681
Telephone +65 6338 9271

Sunday, August 16, 2009

KPO Cafe Bar

Outta nowhere, blogger suddenly started working again. Pure randomness. Grr.

Time to catch up on old posts... I've actually gotten quite a bit behind, and tried a few new places recently (due to the seemingly never-ending birthday feasting :).

A suggested trying this place out for dinner pretty soon after it first opened. This place got a bit of publicity in the news - part of the old Killiney Road Post Office got converted into this bar / cafe. Apparently it's called KPO not because its at the Killiney Post Office, but because its at the corner of Killiney, Penang and Orchard!

Anyways, I got there pretty early so it was no problem getting a seat. It was very unusual coz the post office and the cafe are actually connected so I was watching people buy stamps while waiting for A to arrive :) The outdoor area looked very chic and perfect for chilling out and having drinks, but it was a warm day and aircon seemed like a much better option...

And now for the food. The menu had a strange combination of normal pub grub as well as local favourites (roti john and hokkien mee). I decided to try the Steak Sandwich :

It was pretty ok - the bread is actually french loaf with a slice of steak in-between. What was really really yums was the potato chips... so we ordered another portion to share.

It's fried thinly sliced potatoes - we could not stop eating it and it took tremendous self control not to order another portion :)

A tried the Breakfast set -

which was pretty normal.

The service was relatively attentive but like many restaurants, they had non-English speaking staff who had to get their English speaking colleagues over when we tried to order something from them.

It was a pretty nice place to chill out, I'm sure it's quite nice to chill out at the outdoor area too. Just don't come here expecting good food - it's mostly a bar after all...

KPO Cafe Bar
1 Killiney Road
Killiney Post Office
Tel : 6733 3648

Monday, August 10, 2009

The continuing saga of IT issues. Javascript is giving me all sorts of problems again - managed to finally get facebook loading properly but still having issues with blogger.

Managed to add the hamster and fishes the other day when it was still working. Click in the box to give them food :)