Sunday, August 16, 2009

KPO Cafe Bar

Outta nowhere, blogger suddenly started working again. Pure randomness. Grr.

Time to catch up on old posts... I've actually gotten quite a bit behind, and tried a few new places recently (due to the seemingly never-ending birthday feasting :).

A suggested trying this place out for dinner pretty soon after it first opened. This place got a bit of publicity in the news - part of the old Killiney Road Post Office got converted into this bar / cafe. Apparently it's called KPO not because its at the Killiney Post Office, but because its at the corner of Killiney, Penang and Orchard!

Anyways, I got there pretty early so it was no problem getting a seat. It was very unusual coz the post office and the cafe are actually connected so I was watching people buy stamps while waiting for A to arrive :) The outdoor area looked very chic and perfect for chilling out and having drinks, but it was a warm day and aircon seemed like a much better option...

And now for the food. The menu had a strange combination of normal pub grub as well as local favourites (roti john and hokkien mee). I decided to try the Steak Sandwich :

It was pretty ok - the bread is actually french loaf with a slice of steak in-between. What was really really yums was the potato chips... so we ordered another portion to share.

It's fried thinly sliced potatoes - we could not stop eating it and it took tremendous self control not to order another portion :)

A tried the Breakfast set -

which was pretty normal.

The service was relatively attentive but like many restaurants, they had non-English speaking staff who had to get their English speaking colleagues over when we tried to order something from them.

It was a pretty nice place to chill out, I'm sure it's quite nice to chill out at the outdoor area too. Just don't come here expecting good food - it's mostly a bar after all...

KPO Cafe Bar
1 Killiney Road
Killiney Post Office
Tel : 6733 3648

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Joe Yap said...

Ooh.. my old neighbourhood!

Slightly suprised at the non-English speaking staff observation.. "like many restaurants"

Really? Cham leow. I'm gonna starve when we eventually go back. *glances at dusty F9 in chinese certificate*