Friday, July 24, 2009

Godiva (VivoCity)

Was at Vivo and feeling indulgent when I decided to try this -

Can't remember the exact name, it's an chocolate ice blended from Godiva. And it cost S$9.90. Yup, nearly twice the price of an ice blended from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Was it worth the money? Well, every sip was filled with rich chocalate-y goodness with chocolate bits in it, but it wasn't overwhemingly rich... so I guess yeah, it's worth the once-in-a-blue-moon indulgence for the wallet and the waist :)

Plus you can nearly always get a seat here, despite the fact that there is just a few available. Don't see the point in eating the chocolate-coated strawberries... this is more worth it, I reckon.

Godiva (VivoCity)
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-116 VivoCity
Tel: 6273 1611

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tatsu Sushi (revisited)

Apologies for the silence - I've had trouble uploading photos the last two weeks. Decided to try today and it works! Yay! So back to the regular programming...

Gerry, Daphne and I met up for Daphne's birthday in May and I suggested this place for dinner. This was one of the first places I blogged about :)

We ordered the Omakase again but it's a much smaller one -

Hmm, my current phone actually takes worse pictures than the phone I had 3 years ago! The sushi itself was not too bad, but not fantastic, and it definitely didn't impress in terms of the presentation.

The birthday girl requested for urchin so we ordered this -

Erm, I didn't try any - it's totally not my thing.

And we also ordered some Tempura to share -

The food here is generally quite good, and the restaurant is small and has a nice quiet ambience so it's a good place to have dinner and catch up with friends. Just be prepared to spend a little more money than usual :)

Tatsu Sushi
30 Victoria Street
#01-16 CHIJMES
Tel : 63325868