Friday, June 30, 2006

Tatsu Sushi

Ok, you're thinking - Japanese food two days in a row?!?

But I LOVE Japanese food!!

This is one of those places I've walked past before and thought to myself - hmm, must be pretty expensive. Straight off, I'm going to say that it IS pretty expensive... especially if like me, you're more used to Sakae Sushi prices... but the sushi was so amazingly fresh and looked so absolutely gorgeous, that I think it's something that I can indulge in, oh, every once in a while :)

The restaurant is actually made up of three areas - Tatsu Teppanyaki, Tatsu Sakae Bar and Tatsu Sushi, which is where I ended up eating.

There wasn't anything particularly exciting on the menu... and it was just a little overwhelming with the Japanese men next to us ordering in Japanese... so we decided to order Tatsu Omakase ($80 for 2 persons). Omakase is when you leave it up to the chef to prepare whatever he wants to, which is normally using the freshest ingredients he has.

So it was quite exciting, not knowing what would be served... and when the food was served to us, I could not get over how pretty everything looked.

For the very first time, here is a picture of what I ate. Applause please! :)

Not a bad picture considering it was taken with a handphone camera!

In the front row, from right to left :
* Unagi Sushi - sushi topped with a piece of eel
* Ikaru Sushi - seaweed wrapped sushi topped with salmon roe
( erm, four pieces of mystery sushi that I could not identify but tasted pretty good)
* Sake Sushi - salmon sushi
(another piece of mystery sushi)
* Maguro Sushi - tuna sushi

In the centre portion :
* Tamagoyaki - rolled omelette (look closely - there are words printed on it!)
* Three pieces each of two different types of maki (not too sure what was in them but three of them had something in it that had more kick than wasabi)

There was also a bowl of miso soup and chawan mushi served with the sushi.

A meal that satisfied both the eyes and the stomach! Would you believe I'm craving sushi again?!?

Tatsu Sushi
30 Victoria Street
#01-16 CHIJMES
Tel : 63325868


Anonymous said...

Did you go back again to get all the names etc....?? Either that or you have a super duper photographic memory! The descriptions make me want to go back there again!

Alicia said...

Okay, like, please tell me that you didn't polish off that entire spread by yourself ...

Esther said...

The dish is for two persons... So I finished my portion - which is exactly half of what's on the plate. Which actually, is quite a lot :P

Anonymous said...

pretty pretty pretty!

and that's a lot of sushi lor.


ice said...

hi esther, i think the 4 pcs of 'mystery sushi' fr R to L: kohada, hokkigai, i duno oso haha & kanpachi. the 'mystery pc' between salmon and maguro should be tai (snapper).

the $80 u mentioned is for 2pax? or per pax? what else does it include besides this sushi platter?


Esther said...

Hi ice,

It was quite a while back when I went to Tatsu Sushi, but if I remember correctly, it was $80 for the whole platter and it's meant for two persons. So that's $40 per person.

Like I mentioned, there was also chawan mushi and miso soup. Not sure if it's changed though...

Maybe you could call and check? Hope this helps :)