Monday, June 12, 2006

High Tea at Equinox

I've never eaten at Equinox before... well, actually I've had dinner there when it used to be Compass Rose but that can hardly be counted. I also haven't had high tea in AGES so I was quite happy to try out high tea at Equinox. Especially since my friend could get a 50% discount off the price of the buffet :)

The spread was more extensive than I expected. There were dishes that were more for lunch then tea - slices of chicken breast (suprisingly yummy!), lamb patties (not bad), veal sausages, chawan mushi, sushi, thai fish cakes, spring rolls, pizza, even a pasta station!

Of course there were the same dishes that you always find at local high tea buffets - finger sandwiches, roti prata, scones, cakes, longan with almond jelly etc.

But what I thought was one of the better dishes was the laksa. After my friend raved about it, I just had to give it a try. It was DIY-style so you can put as much of the ingredients as you wanted. The laksa gravy was tasty and lemak - would have been really nice with some cockles though...

Well, you can hardly go to Equinox and not spend some time admiring the view... and having only seen it at night, it was quite a change to see everything in the daylight... i felt like a tourist :)

The buffet cost S$35+++ (S$40) but with the 50% discount it cost only S$20 per person. A so-so buffet that's only worth it if you have the Raffles Card which gives you the 50% discount.

For the record, I was so full after that that I could only think about food 24 hours later. Sorry, Sasha! Your shepherd's pie and chicken wings looked really yummy but I really really could not put any more food into my stomach :P

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post some pictures of the food leh.

its not the New Asia bar right?