Monday, May 29, 2006

A Perfect Weekend

After all the craziness of my sister's wedding, I really needed a short holiday. Didn't manage to make it out of the country, but this weekend came pretty damn close to being a holiday.

A weekend of good and cheap food, chilling out in front of the TV watching "Will and Grace" on DVD, catching up with friends and Formula 1... Just perfect!

Before I start raving about food, I just wanted to declare once and for all that I'm NOT anorexic. Someone looked as my sister's wedding photos and commented that my sis and I look anorexic. Er, excuse me... but have you seen how much I eat?!?

Anyway, here's what I had to eat this weekend (sorry, Joe! This is really going to make you miss Singapore food :)
* Fried Hokkien Mee $3.80 and Poh Piah $2 on Friday nite - just from a generic food court but still yummy :P
* Wanton Mee $2.50 and Soya Bean $0.40 for Saturday lunch - from my favourite wanton mee stall at AMK Ave 9
* Chicken Murtabak $6 and Ice Milo at Jalan Kayu for Saturday dinner - the murtabak (as usual) was so huge that I could only eat 2/3 of it... which is a pretty mean feat if I do say so myself!
* Hotcakes and Sausage Meal $5.80 - every once in a while, I just HAVE to have McDonald's breakfast :)
* Mee Goreng $6 - chinese tze char style, even better than the Indian Mee Goreng if you ask me. This was shared - $6 is a HUGE portion. And it was eaten at a non-meal time of 3pm.
* Texas BBQ Ruffles and Coke - at a friend's house while watching "Guns n Roses - Use Your Illusion Tour" DVD. Erm, I think I ate the most chips out of everyone there... oops :P

Oh man, I think I just made myself hungry!

I also got to watch Season 7 of Will and Grace - one of the few shows that actually makes me laugh out loud. The jokes come flying at you so fast that I have to rewind it every once in a while because I missed a joke. One of the comedians at Camp Comedy had a stage persona that was exactly like Jack... erm, which I'm planning to write a review of but haven't got down to it yet :P Go watch it if you can get hold of it (it's not available in Singapore) and sorry but I can't lend you the copy I'm watching because I borrowed it from a friend!

And to end off the weekend, there was Formula 1 race in Monte Carlo! Alonso did a fantastic job of maintaining his lead the whole way thru the race... but Schumi also performed amazingly by climbing from last place to 5th.

All in all a perfect weekend. Hmm... but a short holiday would still be nice :)

Monday, May 22, 2006

My first time driving to JB

I've been driving for over 10 years and I've never ever driven to JB. It was irrational fear holding me back - the last time I went up (about 5 years ago), it was in a friend's car, and I've always remembered how the cars were all really close to each other getting through the jam... and how aggressive a lot of the other drivers were. I didn't think I could handle it so I've never dared to try driving to JB.

Well, yesterday I decided to suck it up, be brave and drive to JB for the very first time. The jam on the causeway (while it was a little scary) was pretty manageable... I guess I've become a relatively aggressive driver over the last few years ;)

So I drove past the immigration and customs on the Malaysia side of the causeway, took the first turn into JB itself... I started to relax a little and commented to my friends in the car that it really wasn't all that difficult after all...

When I notice a policeman signalling for me to pull over!! PANIC!!

I pull over and in my nervousness, I opened the car door. (Note to self - NEVER open the car door to strangers, even if he's dressed in a police uniform.) I close the car door quickly... the policeman tells me to wind down the window and asks to see my ID. While fumbling around in my wallet for my driver's licence, I asked him why he was checking my ID and he claimed it was just a routine check. He took a quick look at my very valid driving licence and told me I could go. *Whew!*

It wasn't a fruitful trip shopping-wise... as my faithful shopping kaki Daphne will tell you - all it takes is one purchase to open the floodgates. Unfortunately (or fortunately ;), I never made that first purchase.

There's always next time - especially now that I know I can handle driving in JB :) ooh.... and hopefully next time we get the chance to eat some seafood!

Update on the previous post -
(1) I found Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream in JB - yay! Chocolate craving satisfied...
(2) While googling for my St Ives Conditioner, came up... it turned out to be the pharmacy at Changi General Hospital! I called them up, got them to reserve two bottles for me and collected it over the weekend. Double yay!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Disappearing products...

Here's proof that my blog title is totally accurate - while I was digging into lunch today (masala chicken *slurp*), I was already thinking of where to go for dinner... How greedy am I?!? I hope the rest of the world thinks about food as much as I do :P

Back to the topic of disappearing products... the things I like inexplicably disappear off the face of the earth. Case in point - Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream chocolate.

I had a craving for chocolate yesterday and was looking for it at 7-Eleven... and couldn't find it! Just tried looking for it at Cold Storage and they only had the Cookies 'n' Chocolate version. Sigh. I want the ORIGINAL Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme!!

As if it's not irritating enough that there one thing I can't find, there's another product that I'm looking for that's disappeared as well - St Ives Intensive Conditioner.

I've seen it at Watson's for the longest time and bought a bottle about 2 months ago to try it out. Love it! But now that my bottle is nearly empty and I need a new one, I can't find it anywhere! Just found a bottle of it on ebay - apparently it has been discontinued! Argh.....

Thursday, May 18, 2006

TCC (at Isetan Scotts)

I was in total scatterbrain mode yesterday. I first arranged to have dinner with a friend at Marche at Heeren as I wanted to make use of a voucher that I had. At 5pm, I looked at the voucher and realised that it could only be used at the Marche at Suntec! Silly me... So we changed the dinner venue to Olio at Isetan Scotts as I had a voucher for Olio too...

But when we finally met at Isetan Scotts, neither of us were really hungry so we ended up having a light dinner at TCC at Isetan Scotts. We shared the Tropical Ahi Tataki (S$7.90) and Ume Mixed Salad (S$8.50). Hmm... Maybe I should start carrying a camera around so I can take photos :)

Love the Tropical Ahi Tataki at TCC. This is the second time I've had it... It's got seared tuna, pineapple and mango on a skewer with a light wasabi sauce. One serving is just two skewers with a small portion of salad - perfect when you're not too hungry! The Ume Mixed Salad (a normal mixed salad with Japanese style plum dressing) was a perfect accompaniment to the Ahi Tataki.

So now you're thinking - No wonder she's so skinny! That's all she ate for dinner?!?... Well, I had 2 Mcdonald's Pepper Drumlets and a few curly fries just before meeting my friend for dinner - the light dinner was a feeble attempt to have a healthy dinner after eating oily, unhealthy Macs :P

The TCC at Isetan Scotts is lovely - we had a window seat with a view of Scotts Road. Only problem is they close really early - 9:30pm. Annoying! Must remember not to go there again at night...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I've been wanting to start a blog for a while now... but being totally uncreative, I could not think of a good URL. Thanks to Joe, i've finally come up with one that i like :) Now let's see if I can keep this up...