Monday, May 22, 2006

My first time driving to JB

I've been driving for over 10 years and I've never ever driven to JB. It was irrational fear holding me back - the last time I went up (about 5 years ago), it was in a friend's car, and I've always remembered how the cars were all really close to each other getting through the jam... and how aggressive a lot of the other drivers were. I didn't think I could handle it so I've never dared to try driving to JB.

Well, yesterday I decided to suck it up, be brave and drive to JB for the very first time. The jam on the causeway (while it was a little scary) was pretty manageable... I guess I've become a relatively aggressive driver over the last few years ;)

So I drove past the immigration and customs on the Malaysia side of the causeway, took the first turn into JB itself... I started to relax a little and commented to my friends in the car that it really wasn't all that difficult after all...

When I notice a policeman signalling for me to pull over!! PANIC!!

I pull over and in my nervousness, I opened the car door. (Note to self - NEVER open the car door to strangers, even if he's dressed in a police uniform.) I close the car door quickly... the policeman tells me to wind down the window and asks to see my ID. While fumbling around in my wallet for my driver's licence, I asked him why he was checking my ID and he claimed it was just a routine check. He took a quick look at my very valid driving licence and told me I could go. *Whew!*

It wasn't a fruitful trip shopping-wise... as my faithful shopping kaki Daphne will tell you - all it takes is one purchase to open the floodgates. Unfortunately (or fortunately ;), I never made that first purchase.

There's always next time - especially now that I know I can handle driving in JB :) ooh.... and hopefully next time we get the chance to eat some seafood!

Update on the previous post -
(1) I found Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream in JB - yay! Chocolate craving satisfied...
(2) While googling for my St Ives Conditioner, came up... it turned out to be the pharmacy at Changi General Hospital! I called them up, got them to reserve two bottles for me and collected it over the weekend. Double yay!


Joe said...

Good Job ! I didn't mind JB but was always resistant about going all the way to KL. It wasn't so much a danger or security issue, but more of a cost/benefit thing. I didn't think much of KL (benefit) that was worth the drive (cost). Then again, having made the drive to the 12 #$#@% apostles so many times now, maybe I won't find driving to KL so painful anymore next time. :P

Anonymous said...