Monday, May 29, 2006

A Perfect Weekend

After all the craziness of my sister's wedding, I really needed a short holiday. Didn't manage to make it out of the country, but this weekend came pretty damn close to being a holiday.

A weekend of good and cheap food, chilling out in front of the TV watching "Will and Grace" on DVD, catching up with friends and Formula 1... Just perfect!

Before I start raving about food, I just wanted to declare once and for all that I'm NOT anorexic. Someone looked as my sister's wedding photos and commented that my sis and I look anorexic. Er, excuse me... but have you seen how much I eat?!?

Anyway, here's what I had to eat this weekend (sorry, Joe! This is really going to make you miss Singapore food :)
* Fried Hokkien Mee $3.80 and Poh Piah $2 on Friday nite - just from a generic food court but still yummy :P
* Wanton Mee $2.50 and Soya Bean $0.40 for Saturday lunch - from my favourite wanton mee stall at AMK Ave 9
* Chicken Murtabak $6 and Ice Milo at Jalan Kayu for Saturday dinner - the murtabak (as usual) was so huge that I could only eat 2/3 of it... which is a pretty mean feat if I do say so myself!
* Hotcakes and Sausage Meal $5.80 - every once in a while, I just HAVE to have McDonald's breakfast :)
* Mee Goreng $6 - chinese tze char style, even better than the Indian Mee Goreng if you ask me. This was shared - $6 is a HUGE portion. And it was eaten at a non-meal time of 3pm.
* Texas BBQ Ruffles and Coke - at a friend's house while watching "Guns n Roses - Use Your Illusion Tour" DVD. Erm, I think I ate the most chips out of everyone there... oops :P

Oh man, I think I just made myself hungry!

I also got to watch Season 7 of Will and Grace - one of the few shows that actually makes me laugh out loud. The jokes come flying at you so fast that I have to rewind it every once in a while because I missed a joke. One of the comedians at Camp Comedy had a stage persona that was exactly like Jack... erm, which I'm planning to write a review of but haven't got down to it yet :P Go watch it if you can get hold of it (it's not available in Singapore) and sorry but I can't lend you the copy I'm watching because I borrowed it from a friend!

And to end off the weekend, there was Formula 1 race in Monte Carlo! Alonso did a fantastic job of maintaining his lead the whole way thru the race... but Schumi also performed amazingly by climbing from last place to 5th.

All in all a perfect weekend. Hmm... but a short holiday would still be nice :)


Joe said...

Mmmm... Popiah.. Funnily enough, we've been eating out more, so I don't really miss any of those things !

Why isn't Will and Grace available in Singapore ? *looks at daphne*

Burpette said...

Coz it's about gays - DUH!!! We didn't even get cheesy Dawson's Creek here!

Joe said...

Dawson's creek ? Like in Katie Holmes ? I used to watch it wat..
Did u mean something else ?

Besides, aren't gays officially sanctioned now ? Civil Service, brokeback mountain...

Burpette said...

yes, we used to watch Dawson's in Melbourne. It never aired in our police state. Altho' the pink dollar is in, don't think we're about to make it mass entertainment :)

Esther said...

I wanted to mention that Will and Grace is a sitcom about 2 gay men and their fag hags but thought that was over-simplifying it :) Joe - you should download a few episodes to watch! The jokes are hilarious!!!

Joe said...

Wow. Didn't realise my memory was that messed up. I could have sworn that I watched Dawson's creek in Sing. I don't remember much gayness about that ? Just that brunette guy is gay right ? hang on.. or was that from Cruel Intentions.. Hmmm.. all muddled up now.

Yeah, I've watched Will and Grace. I dunno. Something about it just doesn't appeal to me. I think it's funny but not pay-attention-to-watch-it funny.

Then again, I've got the whole 2 seasons of Desperate Housewives unwatched so maybe it's just me.