Monday, January 19, 2009

Morton's The Steakhouse

This post is long overdue for two reasons :
(1) This dinner actually occurred in Oct '08 *oops* and
(2) The fact that a friend of mine worked here a long time ago and I could have eaten here using his employee discount (50%!) but I never made the trip here.

Yup, I've never eaten at Morton's :)

The same friend is now working in a much higher position in the hotel that Morton's is in (and still have the fantastic employee discount :) so I totally jumped at the chance when a mutual friend organised a dinner here.

We had quite the VIP treatment - customized menus (there was also a birthday celebrant in our group), the GM of the the restaurant stopped by the table, a polaroids for each to bring back as a souvenir etc.

So the standard practice is the wait staff does a whole show and tell, with the whole menu recited from memory and it also included displaying various cuts of meat, live seafood (live lobster!) and fresh vegetables.

The first thing that is served is the Onion Loaf -

It's really yums, and not too oniony... but in a bid not to waste too much space on bread, I only had a pinch :D

We started off with Pacific Oysters on the Half Shell $36 -

and Broiled Sea Scallops Wrapped in Bacon with Apricot Chutney $33 -

The over-riding theme of this place is BIG. The oysters were big and juicy and so were the scallops. We also ordered the Colossal Shrimp Alexander which were made out of massive prawns, the biggest I've even seen! The Jumbo Lump Crab Cake seemed not to be as nice as the one served outside at the bar in the pavilion.

For main courses, we ordered a few steaks to try including Prime Ribeye Steak and Prime Cajun Ribeye Steak $89++ -

Oops, this one already had a piece taken out of it before we could take the photo... and my camera could not take a nice pic of the Prime Ribeye Steak because of the ambient lighting. The Prime Cajun Ribeye Steak was really really good. The meat was cooked perfectly and the cajun spices made this steak truly spectacular. The Prime Ribeye Steak seemed slightly boring after the fantastic Cajun Ribeye Steak. Again, huge portions - the steak was about 10 inches across :o

We also tried the Lamb Chops which seemed to be burnt... Way too much carbon on nearly every bite I had.

For sides, we ordered Sauteed Mushrooms $15 and Mashed Potatoes $16 -

We were quite stuffed but of course had to somehow make room for desserts. This was reinforced when the wait staff presented us with the selection of desserts *tadah!* -

Of course we had to order the Morton’s Hot Chocolate Cake S$25.00 -

Doesn't it look gorgeous? Taste-wise it was just ok, I guess I expected to be blown off my feet but such high expectations are hard to meet.

The whole meal was quite an amazing experience - great food of humungous portions... which I would not be willing to spend on if I had to pay the original price. But I guess this is one of those places that you just HAVE to come at least one time in your life :D

Morton's The Steakhouse
5 Raffles Avenue
4F Mandarin Oriental Singapore
Tel: 6339 3740

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Joyus Pastries

A thousand apologies for such a long long absence! Been busy and haven't had time to blog but still determined to keep to it :D

In the spirit of the festive season, I decided to blog about my favouritest almond cookie which is available all year round but I try to restrict myself eat it to just during Chinese New Year -

The almond cookie from Joyus Pastries are absolutely... joyous! Ok, enough corniness... but this cookie is seriously "can't just stop at one" amazing. At nearly $10 it's not cheap but I feel it's worth every cent. I also have the tendency to drag it out for quite a while - am incredibly disciplined about not eating too many at one go. Erm, it's usually more than one but less than five :D

I used to buy it from a pushcart in Raffles Place but they now have a shop at the Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Heard the pineapple tarts are really good too so will try to make time to go and buy some soon...