Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas...

and a Happy New Year! Am off for a holiday so no posts till 2010. To more good eats in the new year :)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Freddie's Burger

I heard about this place and decided to try it out for lunch one day. The place itself was quite small and only had a few seats, but I didn't really care as I was buying back anyways ;)

I decided to go for the "Aussie" - grilled Australian beef burger with fried egg, cheddar cheese and smoked BBQ sauce. I'm a total sucker for curly fries so of course I had to order the combo meal at $6.50. There was a special promo for a dollar off a combo meal so that made the price palatable (sorry for the bad pun :P).

The burger itself was actually not bad. The burger and egg combination made it a substantial meal - my colleagues who ordered other burgers weren't as impressed with their burgers. The curly fries were just so-so.

Some Aussie colleagues were so inspired by our lunch that they went to buy them too!

Not great enough for me to want to eat it often, but a good alternative when I'm craving a burger but want something a little better than Burger King...

Freddie's Burger
1 Raffles Place
Unit B1-12 OUB Centre

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cafe L'Espresso (Goodwood Hotel)

Was looking for somewhere to bring my mum for high tea for her birthday and decided on this place after having read quite a few good reviews on Was not disappointed at all.

I made reservations and we were given a table right next to the buffet spread - perfect coz it meant we didn't need to walk so far to get food :D Our orders for drinks were taken pretty quickly (tea of course!) then it was off to see what was on offer...

The spread was not very extensive but everything looked gorgeous! Plenty of little sandwiches, tortilla wraps and croissants. My first plate looked like this -

My favourite was the Salmon Mille Feuille with Caviar - I had quite a few of this. Just take a minute to think about the effort that went into preparing this, the layer after layer of smoked salmon in between layers of (possibly) cream cheese... and then topped with a delicate amount of caviar. It was exquisitely light that it felt like you were eating nothing. The foie gras one was quite good too...

For the second round, I tried more sandwiches and also a few of the deep fried munchies that was available -

Nothing on this plate stood out, but that is not to say that nothing was good :) Had a plate of repeats, hence the lack of a picture... and then it was on to dessert!

The spread of the desserts were inviting, but the tiny sandwiches filled up more space in my stomach then I expected so I only managed to try a few things. The Mango Pomelo Sago in the shot glass wasn't that great, but other than that, everything was yums.

Of course I had to try the scones and chocolate fountain too :)

The scones were good!

The place was packed despite it being a weekday afternoon, so reservations are definitely a must. Service was not particularly attentive, but I reckon my experience was more the exception than the norm here. I feel it's very good value despite the small spread, as the quality of the food is high and worth the price of S$33++ per person.

Cafe L'Espresso
22 Scotts Road
GF Goodwood Park Hotel
Tel : 6730 1743

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ristorante de Parma

The usual carb / pizza craving brought me here. Nice ambience, tucked away in a quieter corner of Serangoon Gardens.

The starter - Fungo di Portobello $14.90++:

The mushroom was nice and 'meaty', but somehow paying over $15 for a single mushroom just seems wrong...

Went with the classic Margherita Pizza :

It was quite good - the crust was thin, the way I like it, and the tomato sauce was sweet without being overtly so. Think they used fresh and authentic ingredients and it shines through in the finished product. Can't remember the price, but was pretty sure it was reasonable.

Will probably come back again, but stick to the pizzas... and maybe try the pastas.

Ristorante de Parma
14B Kensington Park Road
Serangoon Garden Estate
Tel: 6281 3380

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Came here for brunch during my birthday celebrations. C made a reservation so we got a private room that was long and narrow with nice photograph Pros of the private room - erm, the privacy. Cons - stuck with just one server, and he just so happens to be a really lousy one... more on this later.

Of course boring, old me will order The Spruce Big Brekkie $16 (Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Roasted Tomatoes, Grilled Vegetables, Roasted Mushrooms with Toast and Butter) -

Oh, it was just normal. I was probably just craving breakfast that day, but I should so order other things than my usual... luckily, we ordered a few more things to share...

I read somewhere that the Ahi Tuna Tartar with Toasted Ciabatta and Avocado $21 was good so I made it a point to order it as one of the sharing dishes -

And it really was very very good! The tuna was very fresh and went really well with the avocado on the ciabatta toast. A bit on the expensive side, but a definite must order if you come here.

Also tried the Waffle $5 -

And Banana Hotcakes, Honeycomb Butter and Blueberry Syrup $13 -

Both were not too bad, but not spectacular.

Also tried the Creamy Macaroni and Cheese $7 -

which was quite yummy. Not too rich, and at a good price too.

I tried the Arnold Palmer -

when we asked the waiter, he told us that it was half lemonade and half ice tea. Apparently, and obviously enough, invested by Arnold Palmer the golf player. A nice refreshing drink! And perfect for me as I love ice tea and anything sour :D

So back to the service that I talked about in the beginning of the post... the server we had was completely hopeless. He took forever to get our orders, then half an hour later, comes back to let us know that one of the orders were not available. We were damn hungry and horrified to find out that half an hour later, the kitchen had not even started preparing our food! We asked him for some bread as we were seriously starving by this point, but by the time he brought the bread, the food already came. Not that the food came that quickly, but that the waiter took that long to bring us some bread!

We all liked the food - well-prepared, tasty and decently priced and hope to come back again to try more dishes... and hope that we get a better waiter the next time?

320 Tanglin Road
Phoenix Park
Tel : 6836 5528

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee

A second attempt at lunching in - someone suggested the very famous Hokkien mee at Old Airport Road, so we sent a colleague there in a cab to buy back for the rest of us :)

We were all a little disappointed by the lack of sambal chilli and the small portion... but the noodles were so tasty that we got over the lack of sambal chilli. I liked the fact that there was just the right amount of gravy - just enough to keep it moist but not watery. Decent number of liao (ingredients) and relatively big and fresh prawns.

As for the small portion, we decided that the next time we would order one and a half packets each :D did I mention that my colleagues are big eaters?...

Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee
Old Airport Road Food Centre

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Allaudin's Briyani

A bunch of us in the office decided to have a weekly regular lunch-in where we would have something special for lunch and we started with ordering Nasi Briyani $4.50 from this supposedly famous nasi briyani stall at Tekka Market. I was told the mutton one was better than the chicken so that was the one I ordered.

We were super excited when the delivery arrived...

It looks kinda sad huh? The piece of mutton was hidden under the briyani rice, and while it was tender and tasty, it was a really small piece. The curry and rice were ok, but not spectacular. A few of my colleagues have really big appetites (they are females, mind you) and were quite unsatisfied by this meal.

Not a great start to our weekly lunching-in sessions but we perservered :) most lunching-in posts to come!

Allauddin's Briyani
Block 665 Buffalo Road
#01-297 Tekka Centre