Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee

A second attempt at lunching in - someone suggested the very famous Hokkien mee at Old Airport Road, so we sent a colleague there in a cab to buy back for the rest of us :)

We were all a little disappointed by the lack of sambal chilli and the small portion... but the noodles were so tasty that we got over the lack of sambal chilli. I liked the fact that there was just the right amount of gravy - just enough to keep it moist but not watery. Decent number of liao (ingredients) and relatively big and fresh prawns.

As for the small portion, we decided that the next time we would order one and a half packets each :D did I mention that my colleagues are big eaters?...

Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee
Old Airport Road Food Centre


Joe Yap said...

1) How insanely appropriate for your blog title.

2) You need a disclaimer warning people not to view the pix when they're hungry and missing Singa-food. The deluge of drool made my keyboard all sticky.

3)Iittt'''ss harrdd too tyypeee wiff aa sttticckyy keeebyoarrdd.

Esther said...

lol I'll have a disclaimer next time :D

You should try cooking it at home, I don't think it's that hard and I'm sure Shirley would be so happy. I still remember her friend who used to own the hokkien mee stall at the Kopitiam food court near Hotel Rendezvous - ask him for the recipe!!

Joe Yap said...


I'm not kidding about #2! I accidentally just scrolled down past this post again and just a glance at the picture and my mouth started watering.. and I'm already full from a Nasi Lemak Lunch!!!

Aiyah. All the good Hokkien Mee places involve gratituous buckets of lard. My kitchen is a lard-free zone. Can only cook outdoors.. :D