Monday, March 24, 2008

Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant (Far East Square)

This place should be familiar to anyone working in the Raffles Place area... they're doing so well that they have taken over the restaurant next door! Very busy but our order was taken reasonably fast.

My friends didn't even have to think of what they were going to have - Oniyama Jigoku (Demon Hill Hell) $9.30++ : crispy fried chicken, black fungus, seaweed, bamboo shoots, spring onion, fried garlic in spicy Kyushu soup. You have a choice of how spicy you want the soup to be, and my friends picked the first level (1 chilli). I decided to be adventurous and go one level up to 2 chillis...

Doesn't look all that spicy but my mouth was pretty much numb for 40 mins after lunch. Despite being so super spicy, I still finished the whole bowl - I love spicy mah! Nice touch that the fried chicken pieces were served on a separate plate so you can keep them crispy if you like.

Decent meal at a decent price. Just be prepared to wait a bit for a table, and try not to get too irritated with the only Chinese speaking waitresses...

Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant (Far East Square)
134 Amoy Street
#01-01 Far East Square
Tel: 6438 0328

Monday, March 17, 2008

Time for some changes

Hi guys, I've just added Adsense to my blog... this means I'll stand to, erm, "benefit" if you click on the links in the ads. So please help to click through :)

Also time for a template change, I reckon - might try out a few before I decide on one...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles

I *heart* Bak Chor Mee (minced pork noodles) so I made a trip to try this famous one out. Would you believe they actually have a website??

Despite being there at 12pm, there was still a 20 minute wait... at least they are pretty organised - I hate stalls that get your order wrong. So I ordered the Dry Mee Kia with Chilli $4 :

I liked it! The noodles were cooked just right, there was just the right amount of vinegar in the sauce without being over-powering, and there was enough ingredients to go around. Worth the wait!

If you happen to notice, there's a saucer full of chilli padi on the tray. Anyone who has eaten with me is always horrified by how much chilli padi I can eat with a meal. Sometimes, I eat so much chilli padi that my mouth totally burns up and my eyes start watering...

I can trace this masochistic love for chilli back to my primary school days when I used to order a packet of fishballs ($1 for 5 small ones), fill the packet with sambal chilli and mixing the fishballs with the chilli until it looks like a scary red mess. After eating the fishballs, I would pour the remainder of the chilli into my mouth - yums! :D

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle
Blk 466 Crawford Lane
Tel: 6292 7477

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant

To satisfy S's neverending craving for Jap food, we had lunch here one day. Quite a small place, probably seats about 20 people... but had nice atmosphere and had the stamp of authenticity (i.e. Japanese customers).

This place is quite famous for its yakitori but I was craving something soupy so ended up with this :

Ebi Tempura Soba set off their Set Lunch Menu, I think it cost about $12. A light healthy meal that warms your insides - just what I was craving for.

They have a very extensive and reasonably priced lunch menu... they made the Singapore's 100 Favourite Dishes (Sunday Times Lifestyle Supplement, 14 Oct) for their Fried Salmon Skin Salad... and they have a Dinner Buffet at $48+++ - plenty of reasons to come back here.

S : let's come here for lunch when you're back for Easter :D

Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant
8 Purvis Street
#01-01 Talib Court
Tel: 6338 8472

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

At S's request to have lots of Japanese food while back in Singapore for Christmas break, we came here for the A La Carte Buffet $35+++. Managed to get a seat despite calling just a few days in advance, but then it was a cramped counter seat...

Man, did we pig out :)

The complimentary dishes include some sashimi thing -


and the soup in a teapot thing -

The teapot is served without any instructions, but is easy enough to figure out. Only one cup is provided as the cover to the teapot is also a cup. Squeeze the lime into the soup before pouring out. The soup has an interesting taste, I'm guessing it's some kind of seafood broth?...

There are two things that I order by the busload here - Sashimi,

and Ebi Tempura.

The sashimi here is always fresh and the tempura is always well fried and the prawns are of a decent size. I can eat a ridiculous amount of both :D

Something that I tried for the first time and quite liked was the Yasai Salad :

That's tuna bits in the salad... I liked it so much I ate every crumb. I think we even ordered it again :)

The other thing I like here is the Grilled Saba :

And here's some of the other things we ate :

Tofu Salad



Agedashi Tofu

Chawan Mushi

Cold Soba

Well, apparently I didn't overeat coz I didn't get indigestion that night :) Still one of my favourite places to go for Japanese buffet. If you plan to come here, make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance.

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant
401 Havelock Road
#01-01 Hotel Miramar
Tel: 6887 3788