Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

At S's request to have lots of Japanese food while back in Singapore for Christmas break, we came here for the A La Carte Buffet $35+++. Managed to get a seat despite calling just a few days in advance, but then it was a cramped counter seat...

Man, did we pig out :)

The complimentary dishes include some sashimi thing -


and the soup in a teapot thing -

The teapot is served without any instructions, but is easy enough to figure out. Only one cup is provided as the cover to the teapot is also a cup. Squeeze the lime into the soup before pouring out. The soup has an interesting taste, I'm guessing it's some kind of seafood broth?...

There are two things that I order by the busload here - Sashimi,

and Ebi Tempura.

The sashimi here is always fresh and the tempura is always well fried and the prawns are of a decent size. I can eat a ridiculous amount of both :D

Something that I tried for the first time and quite liked was the Yasai Salad :

That's tuna bits in the salad... I liked it so much I ate every crumb. I think we even ordered it again :)

The other thing I like here is the Grilled Saba :

And here's some of the other things we ate :

Tofu Salad



Agedashi Tofu

Chawan Mushi

Cold Soba

Well, apparently I didn't overeat coz I didn't get indigestion that night :) Still one of my favourite places to go for Japanese buffet. If you plan to come here, make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance.

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant
401 Havelock Road
#01-01 Hotel Miramar
Tel: 6887 3788


Alicia said...

holy cow ... you ate THAT much?!!

Anonymous said...

hey, guess what? I'm looking fwd to another pigout session at ikoi again when I'm back in Easter for a week! :b

Esther said...

Alicia - well, it was two of us eating... but there was more food that we didn't take pictures of :P

S - can't wait for u to get back!!! :)

Joe Yap said...

Damn. Bad idea to read your blog just before lunch. Now I'm hungry and I already know my lunch alone won't be enough.

We were in Canberra for the Easter weekend and had to put up with crappy food because a) It didn't appear that there were any decent asian places in Canberra or at least any we could find
b) It was Easter. Places tend to close.

Going to mark down Ikoi on my things-to-eat-when-I'm-back list.

Indigestion be damned ! I'll worry about the surgery later.

Esther said...

I was just having a conversation about there being absolutely nothing in Canberra when I remembered that I haven't responded to your comment :)

Ikoi is a good and reasonably priced Jap buffet - but do remember to book as soon as u get back as it's not easy getting a reservation.

Talking about indigestion, I'm quite upset that my digestive system cannot take my pigging out as well as it used to... yet another sign of getting old :P