Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant

To satisfy S's neverending craving for Jap food, we had lunch here one day. Quite a small place, probably seats about 20 people... but had nice atmosphere and had the stamp of authenticity (i.e. Japanese customers).

This place is quite famous for its yakitori but I was craving something soupy so ended up with this :

Ebi Tempura Soba set off their Set Lunch Menu, I think it cost about $12. A light healthy meal that warms your insides - just what I was craving for.

They have a very extensive and reasonably priced lunch menu... they made the Singapore's 100 Favourite Dishes (Sunday Times Lifestyle Supplement, 14 Oct) for their Fried Salmon Skin Salad... and they have a Dinner Buffet at $48+++ - plenty of reasons to come back here.

S : let's come here for lunch when you're back for Easter :D

Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant
8 Purvis Street
#01-01 Talib Court
Tel: 6338 8472

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