Monday, March 24, 2008

Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant (Far East Square)

This place should be familiar to anyone working in the Raffles Place area... they're doing so well that they have taken over the restaurant next door! Very busy but our order was taken reasonably fast.

My friends didn't even have to think of what they were going to have - Oniyama Jigoku (Demon Hill Hell) $9.30++ : crispy fried chicken, black fungus, seaweed, bamboo shoots, spring onion, fried garlic in spicy Kyushu soup. You have a choice of how spicy you want the soup to be, and my friends picked the first level (1 chilli). I decided to be adventurous and go one level up to 2 chillis...

Doesn't look all that spicy but my mouth was pretty much numb for 40 mins after lunch. Despite being so super spicy, I still finished the whole bowl - I love spicy mah! Nice touch that the fried chicken pieces were served on a separate plate so you can keep them crispy if you like.

Decent meal at a decent price. Just be prepared to wait a bit for a table, and try not to get too irritated with the only Chinese speaking waitresses...

Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant (Far East Square)
134 Amoy Street
#01-01 Far East Square
Tel: 6438 0328

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