Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Haven't been blogging for ages - partly coz of all the stupid computer issues (couldn't upload pictures). Today is one of those days when it's miraculously working so here I am. Just a short post this time.

Was here with some girlfriends on the National Day weekend (yes, backlog of posts as usual) but we were too late for breakfast so ended up ordering a main. I ordered the Seared Tuna Steak -

The waiter asked me how I wanted my tuna steak done, which I was totally confused about (and he had to ask me twice) coz isn't it the chef who decides how "seared" the tuna steak is?? So I mumbled "medium well" and the tuna steak came pretty much cooked right through. Not quite the light and healthy meal that I originally wanted... The eggplant mush that the tuna steak was sitting on was lovely though!

Now that I'm blogging about this, I did a quick google and found that you actually are supposed to decide how done the tuna steak is. Oh well, so I'm a plebeian :D

The service here wasn't great - they weren't very helpful and got orders mixed up. A friend has actually witnessed the manager shrieking at the staff in full view of customers... nice atmosphere though, with the stables nearby. Not that keen on coming back.

100 Turf Club Road
Singapore 287992
Tel: +65 6877 119

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Skinny Pizza

Wanted to try this place out for lunch - the churros displayed at the entrance caught my eye. They had a set lunch but it seemed like way too much food so we settled for just one pizza, the Salami & Pesto Pizza (salami, roast capsicum pesto, crumbled goat's cheese, chopped green olives, fresh basil) $18++ :

So the pizza's here are "skinny" in that the crust is really thin - more like crakers than pizza. A light meal, perfect to prevent the mid afternoon sleepies. I loved the very generous ingredients and the heaps and heaps of arugula leaves. Not the most substantial meal but perfect when you don't want to a heavy lunch.

We also tried the Spanish Donuts (Churros) with Chocolate Fondue $5.50++ -

which were pretty disappointing. The chocolate came in a fondue pot but the chocolate used was not that great...

Service was quite attentive and this is a nice place to chill out in. Wouldn't mind coming back again.

Skinny Pizza
3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-002 Suntec City Galleria
Tel: +65 6333 9774