Friday, November 23, 2007

Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant (Far East Square)

At the birthday boy's request, we came here for dinner recently. Yes, the birthday boy is a vegetarian :) I've only had the Dim Sum and Hot Pot Buffet here, so was quite glad to try the ala carte menu...

I've been having vegetarian bee hoon for breakfast every weekend for as long as I can remember, and one of my favourite dishes is the deep fried beancurd - which is known here as Vegetarian Duck $24++ :

Seeing how there was a big group and it was a pretty small portion, and there were plenty other dishes, AND it's so damn unhealthy... I only took one piece. Mmmmm... deep fried bean curd... yummy!

First time I saw the name 'monkey head mushrooms', I thought it sounded very unappetizing, but really it's just mushrooms :) The Monkey Head Mushoom $24.00++ was cooked in a Szechuan style with chilli and cashew nuts :

I didn't like this much - the mushrooms were too hard, maybe overcooked? I've had much better monkey head mushrooms at much lower prices at other veggie places.

The Crispy Fried Mushroom Rolls $21.00++ was not too bad but such a mess to eat (well, for me at least)...

Coz the mushrooms totally fall out!

We also ordered the Yam Basket $27.00++ but it wasn't what I expected -

It's not quite like the traditional yam basket... but as I'm not a fan of yam, but a big fan of fried crispy stuff, I was quite pleased coz I had lots of fried crispy stuff to pick at :)

We also ordered the Steamed Eggplant $14.00++ :

which came arranged really pretty. It was a simple tasty dish - and yay, more fried crispy stuff! :)

I was quite opposed to ordering the Crispy Vegetarian Eel $14.00++ as I'm not a fan of eel - I don't like the way it tastes and the way it looks. Yes, I know this is not actual eel but just could not shake off the negative impressions...

It looks ugly! But tastes better than it looks - must concede and agree that it was worth ordering...

And I made sure we ordered my all time favourite noodle dish - E-fu Noodles $15.00++ :

Yums! I could have bowls and bowls of E-fu noodles!!! But I exercised self-restraint and only had... erm, two I think :)

I wasn't all that impressed with the food here - it was just mediocre and a bit over priced. Service wasn't that great either - they weren't very helpful or friendly. If I come back here, it will likely be for the dim sum and steamboat buffet coz that's real good value for money.

Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant
7-10 Amoy Street
#01-01 Far East Square
Tel : 6538 2992

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Restaurant Hoshigaoka

We meet at Wheelock / Lido so often that we are running out of places to eat at... which is how we ended up eating here one Wednesday evening. While outside the restaurant, we realised that there was lots of discounts for eating here on Wednesday nights - 50% off the special Sushi Menu and for Ladies, 20% of the ala carte menu. Lucky us!

I had the Tenju $13.80++ (price before 20% discount) :

Gerry will of course order Sashimi Mori $20++ (price before 20% discount) - that woman loves sashimi to death :

And we ordered the Ebi Tempura Roll $11.80++ (price before 50% discount) to share :

The food was just ok but at those prices, I thought it was a pretty good deal. The place was strangely empty though...

Restaurant Hoshigaoka
Shaw House
350 Orchard Road
Level 4 Isetan Scotts
Tel : 6734 9725

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wild Rocket @ Mount Emily

I have been here once before, about 2 years ago when this place first opened... the food was not as memorable as the fact that the waitress spilled a Lychee Martini on me and I felt icky all through lunch :S Have not been back here since, not that I was avoiding it or anything - was meeting Gerry and Meips for dinner and this seemed like a nice venue for a "Girls Nite Out" Dinner.

We ordered two starters to share - Roast Pumpkin & Feta Salad $11.50++ :

and Deep Fried Tofu $9.50++ :

I quite liked the Roast Pumpkin & Feta Salad but I hardly ever not like any salad with rocket leaves. The roasted pumpkin was yummy. The Tofu was just ok, nothing special about it.

For the main course, I had the Soft Bone Pork Risotto $23.00++ :

Ok not quite what I expected... the soft bone was edible! The risotto itself was a little on the salty side but totally filling. Could barely finish it. Would probably not order it again though - the soft bone is really not my thing.

Gerry had the Crabmeat Linguini $19.80++ which is one of their famous dishes :

which was interesting - the sauce was very much like chilli crab sauce. I had a taste of it and quite liked it.

Meips had the Stuffed Quail $29.00++ :

I was kinda expecting a whole quail (with head and wings and all) but thank goodness it ended up like this instead. It was filled with ham if I remember correctly - which made it a very filling main course too. It was quite a meat fest :)

Girls cannot get together without having dessert... so of course we ordered two to try - Dark Lava Chocolate Gateau $10.00++ :

and their famous Deconstructed Strawberry Cheesecake $9.80++

The chocolate cake was baked well - with just the right amount of chocolate oozing out... and I just love how the strawberry cheesecake is served in a martini glass - more for the novelty and presentation than anything else, coz it's quite a pain to eat from.

The food was consistently good, with some interesting creations that are worth trying... Service was much improved from the last time I was here (the waiter was very earnest about filling up our glasses of water).

A nice place for a Girl's Nite Out or a romantic dinner :)

Wild Rocket @ Mount Emily
10A Upper Wilkie Road
Tel : 6339 9448

Friday, November 09, 2007

Kashmir Restaurant

I always get to satisfy my craving for Indian (vegetarian) food when I'm out with K&M :)

This place was pretty quiet when we got there, but filled up soon after - apparently Indians eat dinner pretty late. K&M had been here before so I left the ordering up to them.

The meal started with the waiter bringing over a bowl and poured some water over our hands to wash it before what was surely going to be a "no utensils" meal.

The Wazul Chaman $9+ wasn't very tasty -

Only near the end of the meal did I realise that this was cottage cheese! I thought it was tofu - cottage cheese would explain why it didn't absorb the curry well...

The Tandoori Aloo $6+ was not bad -

Looks like potato skins right? Tasty, not quite sure what the filling actually was though...

The Mixed Vegetables $7+ was the best dish of the night!

Deceptively simple but so yummy! Must have been a million spices in it that gave it the amazing mix of flavour.

K, the pescatarian, wanted some fish so we ordered A. Tali Macchi $9+

And no Indian vegetarian meal is complete without Naan. We ordered 5 to share for $15+ but was way too much for us to finish.

Oops sorry for the blur photo :P

A satisfying meal that was flavourful but not overwhelmingly spicy. Always glad to have K&M to venture with me into Little India :)

Kashmir Restaurant
52 Race Course Road
Singapore 218563
Tel: 6293 6003 / 9666 5329

Monday, November 05, 2007

Galbiati Gourmet Deli

Gerry had been here before and really wanted me to try the food... after one failed attempt, we finally made it here one hot Saturday afternoon. A bit out of the way but have car, will travel :)

I was expecting it to be relatively crowded but it was only half empty. Gerry had raved about the Squid Ink Pasta $18 so I had to try it - the last time I had really good squid ink pasta was... with Gerry in Barcelona!

Any dish with squid ink can only be had with good girlfriends coz the squid ink gets all over your mouth, teeth and lips... you can easily use up a whole napkin with the constant wiping. Or maybe I'm just a messy eater :) I digress... the Squid Ink pasta lacked a certain sweetness that I remember from the Squid Ink Pasta in Barcelona. But without that basis of comparison, this was a reasonably tasty pasta. In case you're wondering, the chunky bits is pieces of squid.

Gerry had the Seafood Marinara $18 which was brimming full of seafood -

We also ordered some Antipasti $16 to share -

I love antipasti but it just seems so wrong to pay that much for a simple dish of marinated grilled vegetables... but they just taste so good! I especially love grilled tomatoes and eggplant.

We were pretty stuffed after that carb heavy meal, but could not leave without trying something from their range of desserts. We ended up ordering the Profiteroles $5 -

which were just ok. I should have learnt my lesson by now - everything I see profiteroles, I just have to order it and it never quite meets my expectations. Sigh. The other desserts look good though... I ended up taking away some meringues which were heavenly.

A option when you feel like Italian deli food but want to be served (Da Paolo Deli is great but you can't sit down and eat a full meal there). Service was attentive and prices are pretty reasonable... if only it wasn't so out of the way...

Galbiati Gourmet Deli
400 Upper Bukit Timah Road
The Rail Mall S678050
Tel: 6462 0926

Friday, November 02, 2007

Kelong Seafood & BBQ

I've been coming to Holland Village for years but only ever eaten at this corner coffeeshop once. Met Audrey at Holland V one evening and was craving tze char so we ended up eating here.

Both of us have never had Beef Sheng Mian $8 before so we decided to give it a try -

and it was pretty good! A huge portion that the two of us could not finish - or maybe our stomachs were particularly small that day.

With the display of Wu Xiang staring at us, we just had to order some -

My fav is the prawn cracker thing :)

Reasonably priced food and tastes pretty good too. An option when you're craving tze char in Holland Village...