Friday, November 09, 2007

Kashmir Restaurant

I always get to satisfy my craving for Indian (vegetarian) food when I'm out with K&M :)

This place was pretty quiet when we got there, but filled up soon after - apparently Indians eat dinner pretty late. K&M had been here before so I left the ordering up to them.

The meal started with the waiter bringing over a bowl and poured some water over our hands to wash it before what was surely going to be a "no utensils" meal.

The Wazul Chaman $9+ wasn't very tasty -

Only near the end of the meal did I realise that this was cottage cheese! I thought it was tofu - cottage cheese would explain why it didn't absorb the curry well...

The Tandoori Aloo $6+ was not bad -

Looks like potato skins right? Tasty, not quite sure what the filling actually was though...

The Mixed Vegetables $7+ was the best dish of the night!

Deceptively simple but so yummy! Must have been a million spices in it that gave it the amazing mix of flavour.

K, the pescatarian, wanted some fish so we ordered A. Tali Macchi $9+

And no Indian vegetarian meal is complete without Naan. We ordered 5 to share for $15+ but was way too much for us to finish.

Oops sorry for the blur photo :P

A satisfying meal that was flavourful but not overwhelmingly spicy. Always glad to have K&M to venture with me into Little India :)

Kashmir Restaurant
52 Race Course Road
Singapore 218563
Tel: 6293 6003 / 9666 5329


Anonymous said...

Hi Esther,

Saw your comments about this new Kashmir restaurant. I have also visited this restaurant with my parents lately. I guess you have not tried their Murg Malai kebabs which are very juicy and tender.

In their main course we had tried the chef's recommendation of chicken in a lababdar curry and lamb masala which were awesome.My parents love indian food and this was really a treat to remember.

Esther said...

Thanks for your recommendations! But I normally go there with friends who are vegetarians so we don't order any meat dishes :) Isn't it such a nice place though? And the staff are really helpful with the ordering...

Anonymous said...

Hi Esther

Tried some of the things there but was not very happy with the quality. Being a vegetarian, I love dal and ordered dal bukhara a special. The dal was really horrible and nowhere close to the real dal bukhara. The food was a bit too rich though their mixed veg was nice and my friends enjoyed the bhuna gosht. the ambience though is nothing to talk about