Friday, November 23, 2007

Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant (Far East Square)

At the birthday boy's request, we came here for dinner recently. Yes, the birthday boy is a vegetarian :) I've only had the Dim Sum and Hot Pot Buffet here, so was quite glad to try the ala carte menu...

I've been having vegetarian bee hoon for breakfast every weekend for as long as I can remember, and one of my favourite dishes is the deep fried beancurd - which is known here as Vegetarian Duck $24++ :

Seeing how there was a big group and it was a pretty small portion, and there were plenty other dishes, AND it's so damn unhealthy... I only took one piece. Mmmmm... deep fried bean curd... yummy!

First time I saw the name 'monkey head mushrooms', I thought it sounded very unappetizing, but really it's just mushrooms :) The Monkey Head Mushoom $24.00++ was cooked in a Szechuan style with chilli and cashew nuts :

I didn't like this much - the mushrooms were too hard, maybe overcooked? I've had much better monkey head mushrooms at much lower prices at other veggie places.

The Crispy Fried Mushroom Rolls $21.00++ was not too bad but such a mess to eat (well, for me at least)...

Coz the mushrooms totally fall out!

We also ordered the Yam Basket $27.00++ but it wasn't what I expected -

It's not quite like the traditional yam basket... but as I'm not a fan of yam, but a big fan of fried crispy stuff, I was quite pleased coz I had lots of fried crispy stuff to pick at :)

We also ordered the Steamed Eggplant $14.00++ :

which came arranged really pretty. It was a simple tasty dish - and yay, more fried crispy stuff! :)

I was quite opposed to ordering the Crispy Vegetarian Eel $14.00++ as I'm not a fan of eel - I don't like the way it tastes and the way it looks. Yes, I know this is not actual eel but just could not shake off the negative impressions...

It looks ugly! But tastes better than it looks - must concede and agree that it was worth ordering...

And I made sure we ordered my all time favourite noodle dish - E-fu Noodles $15.00++ :

Yums! I could have bowls and bowls of E-fu noodles!!! But I exercised self-restraint and only had... erm, two I think :)

I wasn't all that impressed with the food here - it was just mediocre and a bit over priced. Service wasn't that great either - they weren't very helpful or friendly. If I come back here, it will likely be for the dim sum and steamboat buffet coz that's real good value for money.

Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant
7-10 Amoy Street
#01-01 Far East Square
Tel : 6538 2992

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