Thursday, August 23, 2007

LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant

I wasn't terribly impressed the first time I went to Lingzhi but I decided to give it a second try recently when I heard they had a lunch buffet for just S$20.80++ (minimum 2 diners).

The buffet during lunch is actually a Dim Sum & Mushroom Hot Pot Buffet. For dim sum, there are over 20 types of Dim Sum... ranging from those in the baskets (steamed and very healthy) -

to those from the main buffet table, mainly fried and unhealthy... but so much tastier :) -

Loved the Char Siew So (in the middle of the bottom plate) - the pastry was flaky and the filling delicious.

For the Hot Pot, you get your choice of soups and we went with the clear soup and Tom Yum :

There must have been at least a dozen types of mushrooms available! Of course I had to have plenty of my favourite enoki mushrooms :) Had quite a few mushrooms that I've never had before too. The Tom Yum soup was surprisingly spicy and had a very authentic Thai flavour to it. I wanted it as a contrast to the clear soup and it turned out perfect.

There were some other random dishes including rojak and vegetable curry but I was way too stuffed to really enjoy it...

Not too stuffed to have dessert though :) There was a sea coconut cold dessert and guilingao which I was not really interested in, but I had to try the mochi looking thing –

It was not bad but I only had space in my stomach for two pieces.

I loved the variety of mushrooms and dim sum and find the buffet is quite good value. Think I'll be back to try some dishes from the a la carte menu...

Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant
7-10 Amoy Street
#01-01 Far East Square
S049949 Tel : 6538 2992


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Blog, we really apreciate it.

Went yesterday to the Lingzhi Restaurant and enjoyed it.
Food was good but staff was a little bit unfriendly. Perhaps because we arrived late and we were the last guests but finished 10 minutes before closing.

Esther said...

Thanks for visting my blog, glad u find it useful...

Look out for another post on Lingzhi - I went there again recently, this time to have dishes from the ala carte menu.