Thursday, January 15, 2009

Joyus Pastries

A thousand apologies for such a long long absence! Been busy and haven't had time to blog but still determined to keep to it :D

In the spirit of the festive season, I decided to blog about my favouritest almond cookie which is available all year round but I try to restrict myself eat it to just during Chinese New Year -

The almond cookie from Joyus Pastries are absolutely... joyous! Ok, enough corniness... but this cookie is seriously "can't just stop at one" amazing. At nearly $10 it's not cheap but I feel it's worth every cent. I also have the tendency to drag it out for quite a while - am incredibly disciplined about not eating too many at one go. Erm, it's usually more than one but less than five :D

I used to buy it from a pushcart in Raffles Place but they now have a shop at the Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Heard the pineapple tarts are really good too so will try to make time to go and buy some soon...


Joe Yap said...

Err. five a mouthful ? a second ? what's the rate we're talking about here ?

I have the same problem with Kueh Bangkit (those white powdery cookies). I could kill myself eating them.. literally.

Also, re: biscotti. You know.. I always thought they were some form of stale bread. Never really thought about 'fresh' biscotti. :D

Esther said...

five at one go lah, actually i try to keep it to three. a rule i practiced just mins ago :D

Kathleen said...

Came across your blog after google searching Joyus Pastries to see if they have a website for online shopping.

I'm from Australia and went to Singapore for holidays last week.. Tried these almond cookie and found out that they are really fantastic!! I bought 4 of them to bring back to Aussie as souvenirs for my friends and i'm highly regretting it. I should have kept them for myself!! Because I'm practically CRAVING for it now~~

Maybe if you pass by the shop again, you should suggest them to sell them online and make sure they ship to Australia!! I can't wait to visit Singapore again..