Monday, June 05, 2006

Sin Hoi Sin Eating House (Tze Char)

Yay! Eating at somewhere new! Ok, not exactly new, but at least it was somewhere I have not been to in the last 12 months...

Had a craving for tze char and Daphne suggested trying the Tiong Bahru area. Being the first one to reach there, I got to decide where to eat. I ate in one of the tze char restaurants in that area a while back, and I remember the food was not too bad so we ended up eating there. It's really hard to describe the place as it's kinda located in an alleyway between two buildings... but I think it's supposed to be quite famous.

We ordered pai kuat wong (spare ribs), sweet and sour pork, baby kai lan and hotplate tofu. The pai kuat wong was super yummy! Hotplate tofu was my choice - there's something about a sizzling hotplate that makes food extra appealing :) came up to about $12 per person for the four of us.

After that we wanted to check out late nite shopping at Raffles City (opened till 12am for the Great Singapore Sale) but the queue going into the car park was so ridiculous that we ended up going to Bugis Village pasar malam instead. That was the start of retail therapy for the weekend - as mentioned on Daphne's blog, we also did major shopping (4 hours!) on Sunday afternoon at Zouk Flea Market and Far East Level One.

Shopping - my other vice... er, I mean indulgence :)

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