Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Happened to be at Vivo City looking for lunch and everywhere was just crazy crowded... Decided to check out Superdog and pounced on a table when some customers left just infront of where we were standing... so I got to satisfy my never-ending craving for processed meat :)

We tried the Bacon Chilli Cheese $5.80 -

Lots of ingredients smothering the sausage! And what a brilliant combination - bacon and cheese on a hotdog...

Also tried the German Bratwurst $5.80 -

Love sauerkraut so I totally had to try this! The sausage was yummy with the sauekraut but the bread was really tough - suspect it was sourdough - and made the hot dog a bit hard to eat...

What I loved was the Chilli Cheese Fries!

The Chilli Cheese Fries here are really good - some of the best fries I've had in a while!

Could be cheaper but probably the widest variety you can find in this neck of the woods. For el cheapo and simple hotdogs, Ikea is still the best option :)

1 Harbourfront Walk
#B2-40/41 Vivo City

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