Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Le P'tit Breton

This is evidence of how far behind I am in my blogging - since I've eaten here, this place has actually closed down! At least that’s what I read on the Makansutra forum

Besides some pretty scathing remarks about the rude service and arrogant chef/owner on the Makansutra forum, this place also got some bad press when a customer made a police report against the chef/owner for “assaulting” her when he forcibly removed her from the premises. Another contentious issue about this restaurant is their rule of a minimum spending of $10 per head.

I happened to mention this place to M and it turns out that K&M used to come here for brunch pretty often, and are apparently relatively well-acquainted with the owner too! Thought it was the perfect opportunity to check this place out without having to be too fearful of the owner.

This place is tiny! It can seat all of maybe 15 people... Besides myself there were only two other Asians, the rest of the customers were French and from the way they were talking to the chef, obviously regulars.

Sorry but no pictures for this post - there was a notice on the menu stating that you have to ask permission if you want to take photos... and to be honest I was a bit too scared to ask. So if you want pictures you can read this article.

My order of Lamb Sausage Galette (galettes are thin pancakes made of buckwheat flour served mostly with savoury toppings) was the first to arrive. And since no-one else's food had arrived, I didn’t start eating it straight away. Wasn’t long before the chef noticed and told me that I have to eat it when it is served… which I did *immediately*...

The dish is extremely simple – a folded crepe with some cheese and a single sausage on top of it. After hearing so much about this place, I was expecting to be blown away by the food, but really there was nothing great about it. It was extremely light – kudos to the chef’s crepe-making skills, but that was about it… it was hardly filling so dessert was a must.

To satisfy my sweet tooth, I ordered the Chocolate Strawberries Crepe... and it was pretty good! There were sixjuicy strawberries drizzled with chocolate sauce that went amazingly well with the crepes. I much prefer dessert crepes to savoury ones…

So the chef wasn't really all that fierce... but I was a little fearful of him especially after he was slightly miffed that I didn't eat his food right away. The food was also not that great so I won't consider subjecting myself to that stress for it... In any case, the place has closed down :P

Oh, many thanks to M's mum for treating us to lunch! :)

Le P'tit Breton
200 Upper Thomson Road
#01-11A Thomson Imperial Court
Tel : 6259 4300

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