Monday, January 08, 2007

Crystal Jade Dining IN

Seems like nearly everytime I meet S nowadays, we end up eating Chinese food... which is how we ended up trying the latest Crystal Jade outlet at Vivocity.

From the decor outside, I could already tell that the food was not going to be cheap, and that suspicion was reinforced when I walked in and saw the lush interior. But for such a posh looking place, they sure had really grubby menus. The menus were dog-earred and well-worn, like they've been used for years... and this place had only be opened for less than a month! I cannot stand grubby menus...

We didn't really fancy any of the ee-fu dishes on the menu so the waitress recommended Ee-fu Noodles with Duck -

I am a total sucker for ee-fu noodles - love seeing it on wedding dinner menus and always end up eating other people's portion too :)

S had a craving for sweet and sour fish, which is not really the kind of thing a posh Chinese restaurant would have, so we ordered the closest thing on the menu - Fried Garoupa with Orange and Fig $20+++.

A 'high class' version of sweet and sour fish with the fig as an interesting twist to the dish. Quite tasty and the fish was pretty fresh so I considered the price relatively reasonable...

... compared to the Braised Vegetables with Crab Roe $16+++.

We ordered this because the picture in the menu made it look really good, with lots of crab meat in the sauce... but it turned out looking like this instead. Very little crab meat in this bizarre-tasting orange-coloured runny sauce... with a few stalks of boiled brocolli for $16+++? Definitely not worth it.

I am quite a Crystal Jade fan as I find that the quality of food tends to be pretty consistent at all the outlets. But I felt that this latest outlet, despite being one of the posher ones, definitely could not match up to the normal Crystal Jade standards.

Crystal Jade Dining IN
Vivocity #01-112
Tel : 6278 5626

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