Friday, January 05, 2007

Da Paolo Bistro Bar

A while back, I realised that I’ve never eaten at any Da Paolo restaurants so I put the latest Da Paolo outlet, Da Paolo Bistro Bar, on my wishlist… and when we were arranging to have dinner with M (who was back from HK for a visit), I suggested having dinner here.

The place is made of a chill-out bar area and a restaurant area. The décor is similar to most of the other places in Rochester - it has the very familiar zen look surrounded by lush greenery. Needless to say, this kind of restaurant has ambient lighting (i.e. lit by tea lights)… which meant that the pictures of the food turned out really dark... as seen here by one of the better photos - once again, I’ll just have to depend on words to do the talking :)

Looking at the menu, I was a bit surprised by the limited variety of dishes – there were about 6 main dishes available. Seeing how this was a ‘bistro’, I expected a more extensive menu of casual deli-style food.

Anyways, we decided to share starters and ordered the white-bait (pictured above) and the antipasti platter. For the antipasti platter, you have to proceed to the second floor to pick your choices from the spread of antipasti available. We were feeling lazy so we told the waiter to just pick the most popular ones for us. He had a confused look on his face… and must have thought we were kidding as the antipasti platter never came!

For the main, I had the cod which was pretty decent and was a bigger serving than I expected. M had the grilled breaded prawns which she said was quite good too.

We decided to share a dessert and we ordered the flourless chocolate cake… and I just have to bitch about how small the piece of cake was. Ok, so at these places, you never really expect the servings to be very big… but this was such a tiny piece of cake! Most guys would have polished it off in just one mouthful… and it wasn’t even very good.

So all in all, it was quite an unsatisfying meal… don't think I'll be heading here again anytime soon. But this disappointing experience is not going to stop me from patronizing other Da Paolo outlets, especially the deli (Da Paolo Gastronomia) – I feel like buying everything everytime I walk in there!

Da Paolo Bistro Bar
3 Rochester Park
Tel : 6774 5537

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