Thursday, January 18, 2007

Aston's Specialities (revisited)

After a disappointing outing to Botak Jones, we decided to make a trip to Aston's to satisfy our craving for meat :)

Despite it being a weekday evening, we had to wait nearly half an hour for a table! It was quite a torture to be waiting for a table when you're hungry and watching a table near the entrance feast on a gigantic piece of grilled meat...

While we were waiting, I noticed a poster behind the cashier advertising the ieatSuper Burger. I remember reading about it on one of my favourite blogs - ieatishootipost - so I knew for sure I had to order it... I didn't even ask how much it was :P

After ordering our food and sitting down, it wasn't long before the food staring arriving. As mentioned in my previous post, the sides here are really good - love the onion rings!

All hail the arrival of the ieatSuper Burger!

Look at how big it is! According to the creator's blog, this burger it made up 200g of sirloin steak, topped with cheese, bacon, onion rings, BBQ sauce and Aston's Secret Special Sauce. All for the price of $12.50.

The pattie was thick and juicy... and together with all the other ingredients piled onto it, it made an amazing burger. It was so good that I could not help myself from finishing the whole thing :) This burger is as good, if not better, than any burger that you can get in proper restaurants!

Of course we also ordered steaks... erm, I can't remember exactly what kind of steak or which kind of steak is pictured below...

But the steaks here were infinitely better than the one at Botak Jones, even though one was slightly overcooked.

Definitely better tasting food and at much more reasonable prices... dunno why the food shows on TV are always featuring Botak Jones when Aston's is sooooo much better.

Aston's Specialities
119 East Coast Road
Tel : 9147 4627

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