Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Aston's Specialities

I was in the mood for meat and it was the perfect opportunity to strike an item off my wishlist... read about this place in a few places - this post on ieatishootipost, a write-up in the New Paper the same day I came here, and a mention in that week's issue of IS-Magazine... So I was quite relieved that we only had a 10 minute wait for a table.

But it was definitely worth the wait!

Here is the Prime Ribeye Extra Cut with your choice of two sides for just $14.90.

Look at how thick and juicy the rib-eye steak is! And for just $14.90! It was done quite nicely... and the sides were really good - loved the mashed potato.

We also ordered the Special of the Day which was Black Pepper Chicken with Sausages with choice of two sides $8.90.

A good-sized piece of chicken smothered in black pepper sauce with four mini-sausages, fries sprinkled in cajun pepper and a serving of steamed fresh vegetables.

Another thing to love about this place is the fact that they don't try to rip you off on drinks. An order of green tea means you get a can of green tea and a cup of ice... for $1.10. That's even cheaper than some food courts!

The decor is simple and there's no air-conditioning but I'll gladly forgo some comfort for a good steak! Highly recommended!

Aston's Specialities
119 East Coast Road
Tel : 9147 4627

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Karen M said...

That steak is making me really hungry! See all the benefits of being an Eastie? :)