Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The main stretch of Mohamed Sultan Road has been slowly undergoing a transformation from a hedonistic party zone into a cluster of exotic sounding restaurants. There is now Le Tonkin (Vietnamese), Banoo (Persian), Papi (Italian) and Azhang - which is where we met for a friend's birthday dinner last month (yes, my backlog of posts is THAT bad). Despite the Chinese sounding name, the cuisine served here is definitely not Chinese... not too sure what genre of food that would fall into though...

The place has a cosy feel to it, much like having dinner at a friend's house. Despite having been forewarned of how slow everything here runs, I was still taken aback by how inept the service staff were.

With a vegetarian in our midst, and a menu heavily skewed towards the carnivorous, we asked the waitress if there was anything vegetarian on the menu and her reply was "only the salad". Seeing that this was a small place, and the chef is presumably also the owner, I asked the waitress to check with the chef if he could whip up something suitable for a vegetarian. The waitress never came back to us...

A further example of how inept she was, she came back to confirm our orders about 20 minutes after she took them down. Not that I have experience in waitressing, but aren't you supposed to repeat and confirm your customers' orders immediately after you finish taking down all of them??

Thankfully, the food was pretty good. For starters, we shared the Corn Salad...

There was an unexpected bite of chilli in the dressing that made this salad stand out from the norm.

We also shared Bread with Liver Pate - freshly baked bread with yummy liver pate!

For my main course I had the Salmon Belly - can't remember the exact price but I'm pretty sure it was less than $20. Reasonably priced and the salmon was cooked perfectly.

Here's why I can't be called a foodie - a real foodie would have done some research on this place and know that you have to try the grilled meats here! In any case, I think even if the grilled meats were to blow me off my feet, I still don't think I would come back anytime soon...

Look out for an upcoming review on Papi located just next door.

6 Mohamed Sultan
Tel : 6836 3436


Joe said...

I'm kinda suspicious of the name. Azhang. Is that meant to be pronounced like An Zhang (as in dirty) ? or Is it meant to be like "Ah Kow" ?

Salmon belly looks nice. Was it served on briyani ? That's an interesting take.

LiquidShaDow said...

I think it's suppose to sound like "ah zhang". The rice is pilaf.