Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Dotted Line Shop

My friend, Dorothy, has recently launched her online clothing line "The Dotted Line Shop" and she's got some seriously gorgeous stuff! I am the proud owner of the Black Dotty Pencil Skirt and I cannot stop raving about how it fits me in the most amazing way...

She will also be at MAAD on Sunday, 15th October from 11am- 6pm at the Red Dot Design Museum (28 Maxwell Rd). Don't miss out on the 15% storewide opening discount!

Congratulations on a successful launch, woman!


dot said...

Thank you - your well wishes mean so much :)

I am honoured to be the 1st non-food related post on your food blog (at least I think I'm the first! but regardless...am honoured!)


Joe said...

Wow. Very nice. I like the website. Clothes seem a bit pricey though :P

Then again, I've got that (apparently) defective Y chromosome. 20 bucks would've been too much for me.

Good luck with it all ! Maybe we'll see your store in Melbourne some day ! ;)

Esther said...

One thing I hate is having people wear the same thing as me... so I'm quite happy to pay for the exclusivity - she only has a few pieces for each design!

A bit of conflict of interest here coz I hope she sells all her clothes but at the same time I don't want other people wearing the same things as me! :)

Alicia said...

Ha ha, yeah I know what you mean - if I ever meet up with denim jacket crew in Singapore, we must roster ourselves!