Friday, October 27, 2006

Beef Noodles at Scotts Food Court

This is another post on things that I've (strangely enough) never had before...

My friends and I used to hang out at Scotts Food Court a lot when we were in secondary school... afterall our school was just a few bus-stops away. And pretty much every time we were here, we would have Beef Noodles.

My friends would always have the dry version, with the brown gooey sauce... but there was just something about the sauce that looked very unappetizing to me so I've always had the soup version.

In the spirit of trying new things, I tried the dry version recently...

And loved it! Finished the whole bowl of noodles, which really doesn't happen very often with me anymore. The sauce was much tastier than I thought, and no lumps in it (for some reason I imagined there would be some).

But the best thing about this Beef Noodle stall is the chilli. My usual practice is to squeeze a lime in one dish of the chilli sauce, and dunk the beef into it. I love the chilli so much I normally have two saucers of it :)

This food court is such an instituition... unfortunately it will be closing pretty soon as the whole building is undergoing renovation. Go while you still can!


Alicia said...

OH NO, it's CLOSING?!! Scotts Food Court is an institution. I can't remember what I used to order when we were there (I think something from the Malay food stall) ... but dessert was undoubtably Yami Yoghurt with granola topping.

Karen M said...

Woman....what took you so long? :)

The dry version is absolutely scrumplicious!