Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I don't eat pasta very often, but every once in a while I do get a craving for it... and it was one of these times that I decided to check this place out.

The name "Papi" stands for PAsta and PIzza - which is exactly what this place serves.

Before I go any further, I have to rave about the water... yes, strange thing to rave about but the water that was served here was not just ordinary ice water - it was flavoured with orange, cinnamon and mint. Such a pleasant surprise for the taste-buds!

For a starter we had the Grilled Vegetables $12+++...

It was lovely! Never fails to amaze me how a simple dish like grilled vegetables can taste so good.

Also ordered the Squid Ink Pasta $17+++...

Definitely not the most photogenic dish... I was kinda disappointed for a few reasons -
(1) It was nowhere near as tasty as the Squid Ink Pasta I had in Barcelona last year and
(2) There was no seafood in it despite the waiter saying there would be. I just don't like having pasta with nothing else in it.

The Pappardelle with Chicken in Tomato Sauce was nothing fantastic either.

Ok, so we probably should have tried a pizza as well... but I had a pasta craving!

After a pretty uninspiring dinner, we turned our hopes to dessert. Everything on the dessert menu sounded really amazing but we went with the Pinenut Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream...

and the Chocolate, Cardamom and Coffee Cake...

The description of the desserts in the menu made it sound way better than it actually looks or tastes.

It wasn't bad or anything - it was the first time I've ever had pinenut cake and was quite intrigued with the taste, and we were a bit hesitant about the many flavours in the chocolate cardamom coffee cake but it all came together pretty well...

But we weren't quite blown away by the desserts as we thought we would be.

What I didn't like most about this place was the service. I've read a few blogs raving about the great service here, but I found that the waiter serving us crossed that very thin line between being friendly and being annoying.

While I'm quite happy to have an effusive, enthusiastic server, I felt the friendliness here seemed a bit fake and quite forced. Maybe it's just me...

5 Mohamed Sultan Road
Tel : 6235 0014

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Joe said...

Aiyoh. The water so stylo. Now I also have to try. Strange combination though. Might use something else in place of cinnamon.