Friday, November 03, 2006

The Majestic Restaurant

The Majestic Restaurant has been one of the most talked about restaurants since it opened about a year ago. So I was more than happy to have the chance to check this place out for myself when MP the birthday girl requested that we have lunch here.

We were there specially for the Lobster Noodle Lunch Set at $40+++ (usual price $55+++) which is a special promotion by OCBC and Chubby Hubby.

First couse was the Majestic Trio Appetiser which consists of a serving of soft-shell crab, shrimp wanton and charsiew. The wanton and charsiew were pretty normal, but I haven't had soft-shell crab in a while so I quite enjoyed it. I just loved the plate that it was served in - hmm, can you really call that a plate?...

Second course was Double Boiled Soup of the Day, which turned out to be Lotus and Pork Rib Soup.

It doesn't get more traditional than that. For me, this soup evokes plenty of childhood memories...

And the whole reason why we came here for lunch - Braised Live Boston Lobster Noodle with Spring Onion and Ginger. Was pleasantly surprised by the size of the lobster served... it more than justified the cost of the lunch.

Expected the noodles to be a bit drier but it was still good, with a pretty strong ginger taste.

For Dessert, you get to pick from a list so we got a few to share. Durian lovers HAVE to try this - it's Deep Fried Durian Ice-cream!

Doesn't it look exquisite? And it tastes amazing too!

Also had boring old Mango and Pomelo Sago... another thing that photographs badly. Notice I'm blaming the food and not my bad styling skills :)

By the way, if you feel that the photos for this post are better than usual, it's because MP took them using her brand new Canon EOS Digital SLR. Next to the professional-looking camera, my dinky little camera looked really sad :)

It had a great ambience for a long leisurely lunch. The restaurant is pretty small so make sure you make reservations, even for a weekday lunch. Would definitely consider coming back to try the ala carte menu.

The Majestic Restaurant
Majestic Hotel
31-37 Bukit Pasoh Road
Tel : 6511 4718

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