Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The V Tea Room

I've walked past this place a few times and always thought that this was a perfect place to have tea so I suggested this place to S when we were arranging to meet up one Saturday afternoon.

This is such a girly place! The decor is Victorian-style decadence with an eclectic collection of antiques... and the waitresses are dressed in weird maid-like outfits with very pouf-y sleeves - I thought they were quite hideous!

The day we were there, there was a table of girls women playing with dolls - they were dressing up the dolls, seating them on the chairs and having tea with them. Really cute, or incredibly creepy - depending how you look at it...

After ploughing through the menu and finally deciding on one of their Signature Liquer Cakes, we were told that they only had the cakes that were on display. Sigh... so we settled on the Blueberry Yoghurt Cake $13.50+++.

It was a pretty moist cake but then I expected it being a yoghurt cake and all. A bit too sweet for S's taste but I thought it was ok (me and my sweet tooth :) so I ended up eating most of it. In any case, I didn't feel it was worth $13.50+++ - it really wasn't all that great and I've had way better cakes for much less!

Of course we had to order tea since we were at a tea room, so I had the Peach Melba Tea $7.50+++ (with Ice). Was quite impressed with the service - the waitress offered a much appreciated re-fill of hot water for my pot of tea. S had the Chai Latte $6.00+++ and proclaimed the one at Coffee Bean was better!

Don't think I'll be headed back here anytime soon - unless for some bizarre reason I'm stuck here at the Esplanade and have time to kill.

The V Tea Room
8 Raffles Avenue
#01-02/04 Esplanade Mall
Tel : 6333 1965

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Anonymous said...

yeah, i think the food here overpriced and not that fantastic tasting. would only go for the decor and ambience!