Friday, December 01, 2006


If I had an eating theme last month, it would have been Buffet / Churrasco - I went for three buffets, two of which had churrasco. Churrasco refers to the Brazilian style of cooking meat on the "churrasqueira" - an oven with supports for skewers. In "churrascarias" (restaurants where churrasco is served), waiters will go around with the skewers, slicing the meat directly onto the patron's plate. Yup, a real meat lover's heaven :)

No pictures for this post - most hotels don't allow photography of the buffet spread so I decided not to even attempt it here. All you get is a generic picture from the hotel website... and I'll just have to let the words do the talking...

The birthday boy, requested for lots of meat which is why we ended up here - the unique feature of this buffet is that it includes a selection of Brazilian churrasco.

Before you can even get started on the buffet proper, the waiter will ask you for your choice of soup - between one Western soup and one Chinese soup. Great way to start off the buffet as this restaurant does tend to get a bit chilly...

There's a pretty good range of cold seafood here - oysters, prawns, mussels... all very decent-sized and surprisingly fresh too. I started off with a round of oysters and cold prawns, which was not the best idea as the waiters started coming round with the churrasco, and I didn't think it was a good idea to mix the cold dishes with the cooked meats.

The variety of meats included a few different cuts of Beef (rump was really good), Sausages (I love sausages, had about 8 :), Chicken, Chicken Heart (decided to be adventurous and try it - it was horrible!), Fish and a Chinese-style Char Siew. Everything was grilled to perfection and incredibly tasty.

The waiters can be a bit pushy and slice you a serving that's more than you can handle or insist you try what they have (they were really pushing the chicken heart), so be firm and tell them when you've had enough or don't want to try what they're offering. You can also ask for the meats you like and they will bring it round for you.

What I loved was the Grilled Pineapple with Cinnamon Sugar - I liked it so much that when I was at a BBQ recently, I replicated it without much problem... YUMMY!

The rest of the buffet looked pretty good - a huge spread of cheese and crackers, salads, a pasta station, a few cooked dishes - but I decided to dedicate what precious stomach space I had to the churrasco :)

The dessert selection was surprisingly extensive. Since it's all served in shot glasses and tiny plates, it's easy to just get a little taste of everything. And if you can still eat some more, have a go at the chocolate fountain with a wide spread of dippers available (fruit, marshmallows and biscuits).

The usual price for the Dinner Buffet is $39+++ for Adults on Weekdays, but there was an offer of 50% off for ladies on Mondays that made this buffet a real bargain for us ladies there that night. Sad to say, ladies, I think the offer ended on 30th November 2006.

For that matter, even at $39+++, I still think this buffet is very worth it for its fantastic spread of churrasco.

Meritus Negara Singapore
10 Claymore Road
Tel : 6831 6686

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Joe said...

Coincidentally, the last time I went to a churrascaria, it was for a birthday dinner too. But I've developed an intolerance for some meats especially pork. So no prizes for guessing what happened next. I ordered the fish.