Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Brazil Churrascaria

Another birthday and yet another meal at a churrascaria! By pure coincidence, both birthday boys wanted a meat fest so I had churrusco twice in a span of just one week - much to the detriment of my waistline... Ah, the sacrifices I make for my friends :P

This churruscaria has been here at Sixth Avenue for ages but I've never made it here besides one feeble attempt years ago. Feeble attempt as in I was in the neighbourhood and decided to see there were any tables available, but it was full. Nowadays I try to make reservations, which was a good thing since the place was packed - and it was a Monday night!

This is going to be another post without many pictures. It's hard with the way food is served here - waiters come to the table and slice pieces of meat onto your plate... and you eat straight away, right?

Well, in order to get a decent picture of what is offered here, I had to wait patiently for my plate to be relatively full. Took quite a bit of discipline on my part, but here it is -

I cannot for the life of me remember what the different cuts of beef were - but they were all good :) I got to indulge in my love for processed meat and had lots of sausage again... the ham was good too, and the chicken was just so-so.

I have to rave about the salad bar here - huge variety and everything I tried was yummy! In particular, I loved the Fried Spinach Leaves (at least I think it was spinach leaves) - the green leaves were fried to a crisp and just melted away like nothing in your mouth. One of the few times when vegetables are not necessarily healthy :)

There was also Banana Deep Fried in Batter - they were unidentifiable lumps at the salad bar and was pleasantly surprised when I took a bite into it. I'm not a big fan of bananas but LOVE them deep fried - been craving goreng pisang for a while now...

True blue buffet-eaters will say that it's a waste of space to fill up with things like salad and side dishes, but the salad bar here is really too good to pass up. It's a must try! But beware, not everything at the salad bar is veggie - we found one side dish that had what resembled tripe in it!

After a few rounds of meats, we were totally stuffed but the waiters kept coming round to offer us more food and it got a bit annoying having to tell them over and over again that we didn't want anymore. And after such a huge meal, you just wanna sit there and let all the food settle for a while before attempting to move...

At $38+++ for dinner, it was a good meal with a really fantastic salad bar. How does it compare to Vibe? The meats here were just ever so slightly better in quality. But if you're going for variety, Vibe is probably the better choice.

Brazil Churrascaria
14/16 Sixth Avenue
Tel : 6463 1923


Anonymous said...

got 2 other brasillian places, one at big splash, and another one at Vivocity. must try must try. all protein no carbo, what can go wrong? ;)


carol said...

I've only been to one churrascaria in Singapore and I believe it was at Sixth Avenue. There are 3 of them here in the Dallas area and I've been to all... yum yum drool drool. What they do here is you get a card with two sides, green and red. If you want more meat, flip it over to green and the waiters will magically start appearing at your table. When they've filled up your plate and you want to eat in peace, just flip the card over to the red side and the waiters will leave you alone.