Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Johnnie Walker - F1 Team Mclaren Mercedes Event

My friend asked me to go for a Johnnie Walker event on Friday night... and despite the fact that there was going to be free-flow of alcohol, I was still a bit hesitant - until I heard they were going to show off the F1 Team Mclaren Mercedes car for 2007.

No way I was going to say no to that! After all, how often do you get to see an F1 car in Singapore?? Much less one that my fav driver Fernando Alonso will be driving for Team Mclaren Mercedes next year!

Also thought it would be a great opportunity to check out the newly-opened St James Power Station... but I didn't really get to coz it turned out the event was held in a tent just outside the club. It was quite a sight though, as the tent was in the shape of a gigantic Johnnie Walker bottle... Extremely weird mix of people turned up - your requisite expats, some girls who looked suspiciously like badly-dressed hookers, so-called celebrities... and not much eye candy.

The only person I was really excited to see was Jade Cole from America's Next Top Model (the season that just ended its run on Ch5 last nite). Didn't really like her on the show but she makes for really good TV. Read recently that she was modelling in Singapore for a few months and was a bit of a star-struck fan when I saw her that night... not star-struck enough to ask for a photo or anything though. She's surprisingly short in person - she was not that much taller than me, and she was in heels!

Anyway, here's a picture of the car with the models draping themselves over it and Jade's on the right in the slinky black dress...

And here's a close-up picture that I'm currently using as the wallpaper on my phone...

Pretty decent pictures considering I had three drinks by this time :)

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Karen M said...

Justin met Jade too but he actually talked to her!!