Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Menotti - The Original Italian Cafe

This place has been open for a quite while now but I heard some bad things about this place (slow service, not serving ice water etc.) so I wasn't in a real hurry to check it out. But my girlfriends and I were in the area and it seemed like a nice place for a weekend brunch...

I ordered the Eggs Benedict $12.50+++ just because it's another one of those "Things that Esther hasn't had before"...

Since I've have never tasted Eggs Benedict before, I can't quite say how good it is... but it's got eggs and ham so I was quite the happy camper :) I did expect the Hollandaise sauce to be a bit tastier though...

Dorothy of The Dotted Line Shop raves about the Seafood Risotto $18.90+++ here and insisted that I try some from her bowl... which I gladly did, of course :)

According to the menu, the Seafood Risotto is done in a seafood and lobter bisque. Would explain why it's really tasty and it's chock-full of seafood too! I'll probably have this the next time I'm here.

What I also have to try the next time I'm here is the desserts - they all looked really good!

Don't forget to use your UOB card to pay as there's a 15% discount :)

Menotti - The Original Italian Cafe
252 North Bridge Road
#01-17 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel : 6333 9366


Karen M said...

The seafood risotto looks yummy! Next time, we should have lunch somewhere else besides Sakae!

dot said...

Glad to see that our lunch is now posted! :)

sandy said...

Tried this place today, had the set lunch. The desserts were quite disappointing!! I had the gelato - too sweet, artificial tasting. My friend had the panna cotta - tasted like plastic! But the pasta was good though!

Esther said...

Guess the desserts can be considered HKBHJ (ho kua boh ho jiak :D)

Yay to your first comment!