Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gorkha Grill

I've had Nepalese food before, in a restaurant in Little India - but K & M swear that the food here is much better... but never brought me here to eat! Finally got M to bring me here recently :)

And the Momos here are really as good as K & M raved about! Momos are the Nepalese version of fried gyoza - dumplings with minced meat and vegetables. An order gets you 8 pieces - it's so good that I had 4 :) It's a blend of so many amazing flavours in one tiny little package... yummy!

We also ordered some of K & M's all-time favourites dishes from here.

Starting with the bowl on the left : Palak Paneer $8 - spinach and cottage cheese cooked in Indian spices. Reading that description on the menu, I somehow imagined the spinach to be creamed, but it turned out to be ao mashed up till there was no sign of spinach left except for the colour and slight taste. Didn't think I would like it, but it went really well with the cottage cheese.

The pot of curry at the top of the picture is Murgh Makhni $10.90+ - boneless chicken cooked in tandoor in creamy sauce - another classic North Indian dish. Not surprisingly, half the menu here is made up of North Indian food. Besides North Indian, Thai influence also makes up a big part of Nepalese cooking - which I noticed at the other Nepalese restaurant that I went to.

The plate in the front is a Nepalese dish, Piro Khasi Ko Masu $11+ - mutton cooked with capsicum, onions and tomatoes. This was a recommendation from the waiter... it wasn't too bad, but not good enough for me to want to order it the next time I'm here.

And of course Naan $2.50+ to mop up all the yummy sauces with :)

I have no idea how this gem survives when it's blocked by the row of hawker stalls along Smith Street... but it's been here for a while so I think it's going to be fine. Come here if you're looking to try a different cuisine!

Gorkha Grill
21 Smith Street
Tel : 6227 0806


K said...

The spinach with cottage cheese! The fried momos! I miss them So much!!!! ... but how come you didn't get the butter chicken?? Those three are my favourites and the ones I always order! M forgets the Nepalese name of the butter chicken though which may be why you had the (still yummy) Murgh Makhni.

K said...

Ooops! I'm the one that got it wrong! The Murgh Makhni IS the butter chicken, silly me!