Friday, October 20, 2006

Muddy Mudpie at Coffee Club

While hiking at MacRitchie Reservoir a few weekends ago, the topic of the Muddy Mudpie at Coffee Club came up... yes yes, I was thinking of ways to pile on the calories while simultaneously working them off :)

This was a favourite among my friends some time back - I still remember when C used to demolish one in 3 bites flat... by herself! While I couldn't quite accomplish the same feat, I did used to have this dessert pretty damned often.

What's in the Muddy Mudpie? The top layer is coffee ice-cream, middle layer chocolate ice-cream, a bottom layer of Oreo biscuits... sitting in a pool of hot fudge with lots and lots of Oreo crumbs. I can never say no to anything with Oreos in it :P

Absolutely yummy and mind-blowingly sweet. Keeps you on a happy sugar high for quite a while... especially if, besides the ice-cream, you also eat up all the hot fudge and Oreo crumbs, which I did - with a fork... an indulgence that's well worth the calories...

Go try it at one of the many Coffee Clubs outlets around the island.

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