Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tau Huay at Chomp Chomp

On an earlier episode of Singapore Idol, Jasmine talked about her favourite chocolate tau huay (beancurd) from a stall in Chomp Chomp - chocolate-flavoured tau huay? Sounds like a brilliant idea! I've been dying to try it ever since I heard about it...

Since I was in the mood to drive, and we were in a particularly adventurous mood, we decided to go look for the tau huay stall. It wasn't hard to find the stall - there were pictures of Jasmine pasted on the front - Stall No. 7 House of Yummy Beancurd.

Chocolate Tau Huay $2.50

Mango Tau Huay $2.50

There was another stall nearby selling beancurd as well (Stall No. 15 Ding Hao Paradise Beancurd) so we ordered two more bowls just for the variety.

Beancurd with Dumpling (tang yuan) $1.80

Beancurd with Longan $1.80

It was all a bit disappointing really... I feel that tau huay should have the kind of consistency where it breaks apart easily when you touch it... and the tau huay here (from both stalls) were way too hard, more the consistency of pudding than tau huay.

The chocolate tau huay was decent, if you think of it as chocolate pudding rather than tau huay... I finished most of it despite being pretty stuffed from dinner - what can I say, I love anything chocolate :P The one with the tang yuan was horrible - the tang yuan was really hard and practically inedible.

All this did was make me crave good Tau Huay... sigh...

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