Thursday, September 28, 2006

Charlie's Corner

I will always remember my first time here - it was after the first exam of the first semester of the first year of uni. On a total whim, we decided to come half-way across the island to check out this place... Ok ok, so it was just an elaborate excuse not to study :)

Back then, years and years ago, this place stood out because of its quirkiness. They were known for their hotdogs and huge range of beers and ciders... they had kids-sized little tables and chairs... and they would shine a torchlight in your face to let you know your order was ready.

Recently, on a total whim again, my friends and I decided to come here for dinner...

And it's totally changed! No more kiddy tables and chairs - now proper seating! No more torch in your face - now proper service! And the place just seemed a lot more well-lit than I remembered... It just seems very sanitised now, doesn't have the hole in the wall, rustic ambience that it used to have...

But was the food as good? Frankly, I had no impression of the food that I had back then, but as a whole, the food here is still not bad and at very reasonable prices.

Recently saw an episode of Oprah where they featured a GQ article on "20 Burgers You Must Eat Before You Die" and I've been craving burgers since then... so I had the Bacon Cheeseburger which was pretty good for $6.90 (I think). In the picture it looks like there isn't a patty in that burger but trust me, there was :)

The Fish & Chips had a huge piece of fish with hardly enough space on the plate for the fries!

The Spicy Wings were strangely un-spicy... and bizarre that it should be served in a disposable bowl.

I guess I wouldn't mind coming back here again... IF I was in the mood to drive... and I happened to be in the mood that day - we headed to Chomp Chomp for dessert after dinner :)

Charlie's Corner
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Changi Village Market & Hawker Centre
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Joe said...

From the west to the east to the middle ? I'm surprised you didn't go to JB for supper or something :D

You're like a slave to food-shion.

Esther said...

Food-shion! I LOVE that word!!! :)