Friday, September 01, 2006

333 Bak Kut Teh

Ok, so I've already posted about this place when I first started this blog... but there weren't any pictures for that first post! I went there again recently, and now that I'm in the (bad :) habit of taking photos of my food, I took photos this time - so I thought it deserved another post :)

I had a bowl of Bak Kut Teh, Preserved Vegetables and You Char Kuay. Needless to say, I had my bowl of soup topped up twice... for free! YAY!

While looking at the menu, I noticed that there was 肉骨 (pork ribs) and 排骨 (spare ribs). What I had was 肉骨 Bak Kut Teh $4.50 which had huge chunks of meat with the bone attached, as opposed to the 排骨 Bak Kut Teh $6 which has a long rib bone and very little meat attached. It totally does not make sense to me why less meat should cost more...

I prefer this to the more famous Founders Bak Kut Teh - the level of pepperiness (not sure if there's such a word!) is just nice compared to the Founders Bak Kut Teh which is close to being unbearingly peppery... and there's never a queue here :)

333 Bak Kut Teh
325 Balestier Road


Joe said...

Dammit. none of your posts really got me craving anything so far but this one did it.

Right. I'm making bak kut teh this week. I'd do it more often but I've developed an intolerance to pork some how.

*sigh* Imagine all the sio bak and char siew I'm missing.

By the way, the pictures got tremendously better ! Keep up the good work !

Esther said...

The quality of photos are a bit inconsistent. Quite pleased with this particular photo but some pretty bad ones coming up in future posts...

Intolerance to pork??? But just drinking the bak kut teh soup is ok?... let me know if u want me to send some bak kut teh packets to u :)

Anonymous said...

why is 333 bak kut teh at 325 instead? the ponderings of life.....

and can't wait for sunday! am going to starve on saturday first.