Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Imperial Treasure

Another meal with S, and yet another Chinese restaurant :)

I’ve never been to any Imperial Treasure restaurants and we were both craving some ‘light’ Chinese food so we ended up eating here. The restaurant was full when we got there, but the very professional restaurant manager offered us one of the private rooms provided we left within the hour. We weren’t planning to have a long leisurely dinner anyway so we took up his offer. It was a lovely, private room right next to the entrance and the service was super attentive.

Looking through the menu, I was drawn to the Noodles with Sliced Goose $8+++ as I haven’t had goose in a really long time…

Might not have been able to tell that it was goose if I didn't order it myself... the noodles were a tad bit dry though.

S was craving porridge so she ordered Congee with Sliced Pomfret $7+++ -

What S really wanted was the Cantonese-style porridge (chook) but it turned out to be more like fish soup. Oh well...

We also ordered the Chicken with Dried Chilli $14+++. For a chicken dish it sure had really tiny pieces of chicken! See if you can even spot any pieces of chicken...

Every meal with S is always a balanced and healthy one, so we rounded up the meal with Pipa Beancurd $14+++.

Ok, to be perfectly honest I can't remember what was in the beancurd... but I remember it being really tasty and I ended up eating more than my fair share of it :)

First visit to Imperial Treasure and it was quite a satisfying one... must make an effort to try more outlets - I don't know if it's just me but the Crystal Jade outlets just seem more prominent so I always end up going there instead!

Imperial Treasure (Teochew Cuisine)
391 Orchard road
#04-20A/21 Ngee Ann City
Tel : 6736 2118

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Matthias said...

Hi Esther,

your blog is really elegant and makes apetite to eat all the food you recommend, even when we just finshed the lunch.
Perhaps we can meet again when I'll get to Singapore next month.

Warm regards,
Matthias from Germany