Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Werner's Oven

I recently tasted Pork Knuckles for the very first time a few months ago - it was while having drinks at Baden Baden in Holland V, and it was just a bite of it as it was shared by a whole bunch of people. I quite liked it, so when we decided to come here for dinner one evening, I pretty much knew what I was going to order even before I looked at the menu :)

I was a bit overwhelmed when I saw how big the serving of Pork Knuckles ($19.50+) was... but needless to say I finished it all up :P

So weird that the Germans would have a dish so similar to our roast pork! The combination of the crispy skin, layers of fat and lots and lots of meat is just a heart attack waiting to happen... but everything in moderation right??

The other thing I love about German food? Sausages!!! Yeah yeah, me and my processed meat obsession :) We also ordered the Farmer's Sausage $18.50+.

I loved the sauerkraut that came with it and also asked for lots of mustard to go with the sausage... not that the sausage wasn't already tasty all by itself.

Definitely not the type of food you can have too often if you are conscious of your health... but worth the indulgence every once in a while :)

Werner's Oven
6 Upper East Coast Road
#01-01/02 S455200
Tel : 6442 3897


Anonymous said...

Oh yes we know you LOVE your sausages !!!!

Anonymous said...

"Baden Baden" was closed 2004...Is it just "Baden" right??