Monday, January 29, 2007


I am totally Cedele-obsessed… Well, to be more accurate, I'm Cedele pancake-obsessed. I have eaten at Cedele nearly every weekend the past two months – mostly at the branch at Wheelock but a few times at other branches as well. And I've tried all the different types of pancakes available here.

Starting with the Wild Blueberry Pancakes with Sausages $10.90++ (found under the All-Day Breakfast Menu at Wheelock) -

It was blueberry season recently and I was wondering how lovely they would taste in pancakes… So I totally had to order it when I had brunch here one weekend. Hmm, something not quite right about having pancakes with sausages... The blueberries were a bit dried up, which I guess is to be expected after cooking… but still it was pretty good.

On another trip here, I had the Macadamia Nut Pancake with a Single Scoop of Ice-cream $8.90++. This is found under the dessert section of the menu.

Little bits of macadamia nuts in the pancake went perfectly with the vanilla ice-cream… Just heavenly!

Still on a pancake-craze, I decided to try the last pancake available at Cedele – Apple Cinnamon Pancake. This is actually found under the All-Day Breakfast Menu, but I requested for it to be served with ice-cream instead. Had it with TWO scoops of ice-cream after finding that one scoop wasn't quite enough when I had the Macadamia Nut Pancakes. This cost $10.90++ -

I kinda expected the apple in the pancakes to be in chunks rather than slices, but no complaints – the pancakes were good… and I would even say that the pancakes are consistently good… or maybe I just have low standards for pancakes, as anything with ice-cream just cannot taste bad :)

On a side note, I recently tried making pancakes and it really isn’t easy to get them browned on both sides evenly… or maybe it was just me.

Another must try here is the Dessert Platter (found at the Wheelock branch). For $10.90++, you get a choice of four out of the eight desserts available… and they do change the desserts ever so often. When I was there recently, the desserts were different from when I had it a few weeks ago.

The desserts pictured here are : Mini Pavlova (I always order anything meringue related if it’s on the menu), Raspberry Wholemeal Cake, Tiramisu, Orange Cheesecake. I am a big fan of variety and being able to try a bit of everything so this is absolutely perfect for me :)

One thing that annoys me about Cedele is how terrible the service is… and it’s the same situation at every branch! The service at the Wheelock branch is so amazingly slow that I’ve taken to going straight to the cashier to pay rather than waiting for them to bring the bill…

Besides the gorgeous pancakes, nearly everything else on the menu is good too. Other than the bad service, Cedele is one of my favourite places to go for a meal… I can’t wait to go there this weekend! :)

Cedele by Bakery Depot (check website for locations)

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K said...

Thanks for reminding me of another place I must go to when I go back to Singapore! The cakes there are the best!