Friday, February 02, 2007

The Pump Room

This is one of the many new restaurants that have opened up at Clark Quay. The only reason why it was one of the first places that we checked out was because my favourite guitarist Addy plays here with the band Jive Talking. First time we were here, we found out that they had a pretty interesting menu... which is how we ended up eating here on another particularly indecisive day.

For starters, we tried the Chargrilled Mediterranean Vegetables and Goat's Cheese Stack $14.00+++ -

Crabcakes $16.00+++ -

and the Octopus Salad $12.00+++

Nothing was particularly great, but I'll probably order the Chargrilled Vegetables if I came here again as I love chargrilled vegetables and they went quite well with the goat's cheese.

For the main, I had the Ribs $28+++ -

It was a really huge serving and it was impossible to finish it by myself. As for the meat itself, it fell right off the bone as it's supposed to.

Also tried a bit of the Rack of Lamb $32+++ -

Should have had this - the portion size was perfect for me :)

Despite being really full, we just had to have dessert as I really wanted to have the Pavlova $8.00+++ -

and V really wanted to have his Sticky-date Pudding $8.00+++ -

As long as there is pavlova, I'm sure to order it - I love how the combination of sugar and egg-white becomes something so sweet, crispy and just totally melts in your mouth :) The sticky-date pudding was ok - the Aussies at the table started a conversation about where the best sticky-date pudding was back in Sydney, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't quite up to their expectations.

This trip here was when the place was opened for just a few weeks and they had quite a few operational problems. Besides getting orders mixed up, not bringing things when requested, they also didn't seem to have stocked up enough inventory... What do I mean? When we got our menus, the waiter told us that there were only a limited number of steaks left! It's been a while since they've been open, so hopefully they have ironed the kinks out.

The Pump Room
3B River Valley Road
#01-09 The Foundry
Tel : 6334 2628

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