Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant

My friends and I are currently obsessed with all things Korean - Korean shows (My Lovely Samsoon! Full House!), Korean guys (Hyun Bin! Rain!) and Korean food. My love for Korean food started in 2001 when on a visit to LA, Janelle brought me to Korea-town and I had my first taste of sundubu (spicy tofu soup) and since then I've been a real fan of Korean food...

The Korean wave has hit Singapore as well, and I have heard rave reviews about this Korean BBQ restaurant so I was quite eager to check it out.

The moment you walk into this place you know you’re in an authentic Korean restaurant – many of the customers are Koreans and quite a few of the staff all are Korean too.

My favourite part of the meal is when the waitress comes to the table and starts laying out all the side dishes – it seems to be a never-ending process! And when they are done, there is barely space on the table for anything else! Just take a look at the number of dishes served –

Next to sundubu, this has got to be my favourite thing about Korean food... I love love love kimchi. When I’m having Korean food at the food courts, I normally order extra servings of kimchi :)

Some of the dishes were not at all familiar, but I enjoyed nearly everything… If I’m not wrong, you can ask for more servings of the side dishes without additional cost, but like me, you’ll probably be too stuffed to have any more than what was served to you.

Now authentic Korean BBQ is totally unlike what we Singaporeans are familiar with (i.e. Seoul Garden Korean BBQ). Here, the waitress will prepare and cook the meat for you – but you are also free to take over the cooking if you wish. Best of all, the hotplate here never gets very dirty – our’s was changed about 3 times throughout the course of the meal. Unlike at Seoul Garden where at the end of the night, there is a thick layer of carbon on the hotplate.

From the BBQ menu, we ordered Galbisal (short rib) $32.00+++ and Bulgogi (marinated beef) $25.00+++. It also came with Korean rice cakes which were really chewy and not all that tasty (at top of picture). You will also notice that they put slices of onions on the hotplate… while the onions are totally edible, you are actually supposed to place the cooked meats on top of them so that the meat doesn’t get overcooked but is still kept warm. How did the meat taste? Absolutely yummy! :)

How can I come to a Korean restaurant and not try the Sundubu $12.00+++?

The sudubu wasn’t all that great. I have a feeling that it was modified for local tastes… either that or it’s been a while since I’ve had it and I’ve forgotten what authentic sundubu tastes like… sigh, I would love to make a trip to Korea just to eat truly authentic Korean food :P

Like I mentioned, my friends and I are Korean obsessed right now, so look out for a post on another Korean BBQ place coming up real soon… but between the two, this one is much better. I think they also recently opened a branch in the east. I really liked this place – go try it out!!

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant
27 West Coast Highway
#01-18/19 YESS Centre
Tel : 6464 0872


dot said...

There is no good soondubu in singapore - i recently took the plunge and tried it at crystal jade (too many clams), jeju and togi (mosque st). None of them were remotely close to anything you would get in LA. So my conclusion is that the only way for me to get good soondubu is to learn how to make it myself!

carol said...

oooh soon doo boo is my favorite korean dish too! (soooo many oooo's, but that's how they spell it in korean restaurants here). i don't know how "authentic" ones should taste like, but those here in Dallas' korean town taste fantastic. The restaurants seem authentic enough, with Korean owners and servers who'll try to speak Korean to me (i didn't know I looked Korean??). If any of you ever come to Dallas, there's lots to eat here. We actually have the largest restaurants to population ratio in the nation!

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me where you would buy the grill units. I interested in opening my own restaurant.