Monday, February 26, 2007

Menotti - The Original Italian Café (revisited)

Everyone knows how much I like eating breakfast foods at non-breakfast times, so of course I had to have Eggs Florentine when I saw it on the menu at Menotti during lunch time. Oh, that and I love creamed spinach - despite the fact that it looks quite unappetising...

Eggs Florentine is a variation of Eggs Benedict - poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, resting on a bed of creamed spinach and mushrooms, with toast. I had the Eggs Benedict the last time I was here so I decided to try the Eggs Florentine $14.00+++ this time -

Don't ask me why but I just like creamed spinach... it was really filling and I couldn't finish all of it, but I did like it.

Didn't get to try any desserts the last time I was here so I purposely saved some stomach space to try some of the scrumptious looking desserts...

Looks gorgeous, yah? The receipt says it's called Morbida $5.90+++ - what an awful name for a dessert! It was all chocolate mousse - and it's a tiny little thing, but so rich that it took quite a bit of effort to finish it. Yes, I'm willing to leave food behind but no matter how rich the dessert is, I always finish all of it - totally sacrilegious to leave any dessert behind :)

Menotti - The Original Italian Café
252 North Bridge Road
#01-17 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel : 6333 9366


Alicia said...

Yes, how funny that you've always had this penchant for breakfast food at non-breakfast times!!!

Esther said...

Hahaha, probably coz I normally don't have breakfast so the only time I get to eat breakfast food is at non-breakfast times! :)

Guess u made it back safe, say hi to Ste for me pls!

Alicia said...

Hey thanks, will let him know :)

Anonymous said...

hi, esther thanks for your kind comment for the food at Menotti.My name is Andri and im the chef of menotti,its been nice to read and hear your comments bout my place,if u love the food here,it goes to show that we local chef can equal or even do better than some foreign chef, this is all due to my mentor chef Roberto Galetti from Garibaldi who taught me the finest art of italian cuisine...did u try our 2 other outlet called Ricciotti? do drop by one day and look for me here and i try to cook a better meal for u and frens....alternatively u can email me at cheers to your blog